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Must Have Accessories for Surface 3 3

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

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Previously we have reviewed a bit about Surface 3 as a hybrid mobile personal computer with low cost. As it’s explained before that Surface 3 is included in tablet category. It’s seen when you open Surface’s box for the first time, what you get is just a Surface device and the only user interface there is only touch screen. That’s why it’s included in tablet category. But the story is not ending here. So, why we can call it as a hybrid personal computer? That’s because the accessories which can be used on it. So, now we’re going to talk about must have accessories for Surface 3.

Must have accessories for surface 3

Type Cover for surface 3

Type Cover can be said as a must have accessories for Surface users including Surface 3 users. Surface without type cover in brand image will lost its identity. Type cover for Surface 3 are available in 5 colors option: black, bright, red, Dark blue, bright red.


Must Have Accessories for Surface 3 4

In my perception type cover means: “cover screen with keyboard functionality”. Type cover is very easy to install and remove from Surface 3. With the strong magnetic system makes Surface 3 won’t fall down when you are holding only the type cover. The thin design with the thickness about 4.9 mm and weight is less that 265 g makes it has a thin profile.


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Surface pen 3

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

Its keys are backlit so that can ease the typing in dark or low light room. The magnet on the top of keyboard of type cover allows you to snap Surface 3 display, so that type cover will have a slope which can make you comfort in typing. Brilliant! We get a small touchpad indeed, but i think it’s enough for narrow area. Beside, type cover already has gesture control which suitable with Windows 8.1.

I think by the time Microsoft have made a better type cover, Now Type Cover for surface 3 has deactivated key feature on type cover when folded back to prevent unwanted typing while you’re using your Surface 3. Flip Surface 3 Type Cover closed to turn the display off and shield the screen from bumps and scratches and it’s fit for placing Surface pen.


Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

Type cover doesn’t have battery and it completely get energy from Surface 3. So, maybe there will be a slight decrease in your Surface 3 battery life. It’s normal.

The price for type cover for Surface 3 is $129.99 but maybe you will get the cheaper price in I think that’s a cheap price for the technology that we have discussed. So, i think you must have this accessories for your Surface 3.

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Surface pen for surface 3

The case of this stylus from Microsoft is made of aluminum and has diameter 9.5 mm, length 135 mm and 18 g of weight. Pretty slim profile just like a regular pen which makes it comfortable to use as you are writing a regular pen. There are 4 option of colors: black, silver, red and dark blue.

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

Surface pen has a sensitivity over 250 levels of pressure that makes it can distinguish the thinness of graffiti we make. When you click the dedicated button on the top of Surface pen, it will automatically open OneNote application on your Surface 3, no matter if your tablet is locked or in sleep mode. Plus, all your notes are saved as you write.

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3



Palm Block technology, you can write and draw without worrying about resting your hand on the screen. Palm Block technology ignores the pressure from your hand when it senses you’re using the Pen.

Get formatting options using the right-click button on the side of Pen. The erase button turns your Pen tip into an eraser, so you can edit notes as you work.

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

Surface pen uses bluetooth for pairing to your Surface 3 and with bluetooth low energy, the battery use of Surface pen is quite long up to 1 month. When the battery get empty, you cna just replace it with the new AAAA battery.

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Surface 3 Docking Station

Surface 3 docking will Instantly transform your Surface 3 into a desktop PC and easily connect to your favorite accessories. you Connect your surface 3 to your HD monitor, wired network, audio system, full-size keyboard, printer and more, while charging your Surface 3 and accessories. The ports that you will get from a docking station are:

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

  • 2 USB 3.0 ports, 2 USB 2.0 ports
  • Gigabit Ethernet port
  • 3.5mm audio input/output connection
  • Mini DisplayPort video output
  • Security lock slot
  • Storage for Surface Pen

Must Have Accessories for Surface 3

This docking station looks elegant and professional with black color. It’s suitable to be placed on your working desk. The security lock slot makes your Surface steady and safe. Unfortunately this docking station is not included HDMI port as it’s used by other docking stations.

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