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Best Waterproof Cases For iPhone X

The iPhone X is an expensive phone and we definitely want it to be safe. However, we can’t always keep our phone inside our bags or pockets. you want to use your phone without having to worry about it getting wet. Here is a list of best waterproof cases for iPhone X that will ensure that your phone is safe.

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List of Best Waterproof Cases For iPhone X

OTBBA Full Sealed iPhone X Waterproof Case


You get two color options. It comes with the IP68 waterproof certificate. The case can stay in the water for 1 hour at a depth of 10 feet and your iPhone X stays intact. It has also been through military-grade tests and can withstand a drop from 6.6 feet. Dust and dirt do not penetrate your phone when this case is on your smartphone. It features a non-slip surface and supports wireless charging.

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Singdo iPhone X Waterproof Case


Certified with IP68 this case is so safe underwater that you can even take a picture or shoot a video underwater. Its back cover is transparent and gives you access to charge it wirelessly. There is a built-in screen protector through which you can see and work on your phone without any problems. It is also anti-scratch and doesn’t add any extra weight to your phone. The company offers a 12-month warranty on the case along with a 100% money back guarantee in case you don’t find the case delivering its promised standards.

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OUNNE Underwater iPhone X Case


You can go swimming, snorkeling or use your phone while it rains when you have the OUNNE case over your iPhone X. Besides being certified IP68 waterproof the case is also shatter-proof and scratch resistant. The flat and clear back doesn’t hinder wireless charging of your smartphone. There is a built-in screen protector and all the volume and power buttons work perfectly with the case on. OUNNE case has cleared Military Standard 810G-516 so it is safe even if it falls from a height of up to 6.6 feet.

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MPow Universal Waterproof Case


IPX8 certified waterproof case which can keep your phone safe in water, dust, and snow. The case is touch sensitive and comes in different colors. The material of the case is eco-friendly and lets you take pictures and take videos under water. The phone is secured within the case with two switches. The material of the pouch ABS and is wear and scratch resistant. It also comes with a lanyard so you can wear your phone around while you go for your outdoor activities. This is one of the best waterproof cases for iPhone X.

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Vapesoon Waterproof and Wireless Charging Support Case


Designed precisely for iPhone X, the case has a slim look and sits perfectly on your iPhone X. The case is transparent and is made of TPU and PC materials. Besides being waterproof it also keeps your phone safe from drops, shocks and accidental falls. You can enjoy all your outdoor activities when you have your iPhone safely placed in this case. The buttons are comfortable to use and it has been IP68 certified. You also get a warranty of 12 months.

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Lifeproof FRE SERIES Waterproof Case


There are six unique colors in this case. It has been designed especially for iPhone X. Your phone when inside the case can stay submerged in snow, dust, and water for an hour, up to 22 feet. It comes with an IP68 certification and has passed military standards of MIL STD 810F-516. The company offers a lifetime guarantee on this case.

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Fanstek IP68 Waterproof iPhone X Case


Next in the list of waterproof cases for iPhone X is from Fanstek. The case is not just waterproof but a complete protective cover for your phone. It saves your iPhone X from crashes or falls. It is anti-scratch and the clarity through the built-in screen guard is perfect. The case features an enhanced audio design below so all the sounds from the phone are heard loud and clear. Fanstek has cleared several waterproof tests and guarantees no leaks through it. Videos and pictures taken through this case have HD clarity.

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Mpow Floating Waterproof Case


Available in two different shades of blue this waterproof case from Mpow is an amazing case for your iPhone X. Different from all the other cases on this list, once your phone is in the Mpow pouch it can float in water. There is an air circle padding around the pouch which keeps the case floating. It is IPX8 certified and perfect to be carried around to all types of water activities. You can enjoy your games and attend all your calls while your phone safely stays in the pouch.

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Designed for an iPhone X this pouch is compatible with wireless charging. The case is water, dirt, snow, dust and shockproof. The case is completely sealed and doesn’t permit any dust particles on your phone. It has been precisely cut according to an iPhone X and all the controls, speakers, buttons and cameras can be accessed through it with ease. There are two colors available in this case. There is a third option in this model in black that you get with a clip. The clip helps to attach the case to your clothes or anywhere you want.

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SPIDERCASE Dust/Water/Snow Proof iPhone X Case


You can work on your phone or take calls even when it is raining when you have the SPIDERCASE for your iPhone X. It is also suitable for all types of outdoor sports including underwater activities. The case is sleek and slim to look and adds no extra weight to the body of the phone. You get a year’s warranty on this case. This is one of the coolest waterproof cases for iPhone X.

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TRONOE iPhone X Waterproof Case


Made with crystal PTE and TPU material the case is sturdy and designed to take all the extremities. It features a transparent back so you can flaunt the original color and logo of your phone. It sustains an hour underwater up to 33 feet deep. It is also drop and shockproof and has been tested to withstand drops or falls from 3.9 feet approximately. This case is anti-slip and thus gives your phone a perfect grip in your hand.

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Temdan Rugged Waterproof Case


This series of iPhone X case from Temdan has a unique design which looks quite attractive. It has cleared IP68 test and will keep your phone safe for an hour under 16 feet water or for half an hour in 33 feet deep water. The front comes with a built-in screen guard and offers complete touch sensitivity.

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Sinkry Underwater Full Body Protective Case


This case has been tested to keep your iPhone X safe while being submerged in water at a depth of 6.6 feet for up to 30 minutes. The seal of the phone is excellent and keeps it safe from dust and dirt. This gives 100% protection to your phone. It has been designed from TPU material which is super thin to ensure that you get the perfect touch while working on your phone. You get a lanyard and a small stand with this case. Both the accessories are removable.

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SNOWFOX Waterproof/Shockproof/Dirtproof iPhone X


This is a two cover style case and comes in two colors – black and clear. It has been certified IP68 and will protect your phone from water. Carry your phone around safe in this case for daily use and all types of outdoor activities. This is a perfect case to guard your phone against all types of shocks or falls. It helps in increasing the life of your phone. The company offers an 18-month warranty on this case.

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Effun iPhone X Waterproof Case IP68 Waterproof

You get to choose between five beautiful colors. The company gives you a lifetime warranty. It is IP68 certified and has been tested in 33 feet deep water for one hour. It is a great case for all the outdoor activities.

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Cooxer Durable Water and Snowproof Case


The case is fully compatible with all the functions of iPhone X including wireless charging. The back is made of TPU and crystal PTE material. The transparent back lets you enjoy your phone’s original color. The cameras, sensors, speakers, and the microphone work perfectly with the case on your iPhone X. You get a warranty of 12 months with the case.

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SunbaYouth Waterproof and Drop Resistant Case


Grab this waterproof case from SunbaYouth in two exciting colors. You can forget all the problems that you would face while using your iPhone X. Once inside the case, it is safe from water, dust, dirt, scratches and even snow. It has been designed to withstand all the tough environments.

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i-Blason Waterproof Rugged Case


i-Blason gives your iPhone X 100% protection from water. It has been IP68 certified. The ergonomic design gives you access to all the sensors, ports, speakers and cameras. The material used in manufacturing is polycarbonate and TPU. This sturdy case adds longevity to your iPhone X. You have four color options in the case.

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Deenor Waterproof and Drop-proof Case


Designed exclusively for an iPhone X, the case will protect your phone from water and snow. It protects it even from dirt and dust particles. It supports wireless charging on your phone. Whether it is skiing or hiking the case will protect your phone in all types of environments. It comes with a small stand so you can enjoy videos or hands-free calls.

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