Best Unique Accessories for iPad and iPhone

iPad and iPhone are used a lot by many people with its sales has reached more than 500 million. Third-party accessories maker companies are creating all kinds of things, and in this article, we are going to talk about some unique accessories for iPad and iPhone.


USB TypeWritter

Best Unique Accessories for iPad and Phone You Might Never Thought

This USB Typewriter will bring you back to the era where Laptops, PCs, and printers were not the things many people had. The era when your father, brother or maybe yourself used a typewriter to make office documents or write an essay for school. If you miss the unique click-clack sound from the typewriter every time you press the letters and how delighted you were when you slide the carriage back into place with a zip and ring whenever it was time to start a new line of copy, then you should get this USB Typewriter. It combines vintage typewriter and today’s technology. You need to spend quite a lot of money for this but it worth it. The price starts from $699 depend on the model. For more details go to

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iPad Foosball


Do you know a classic foosball game? Have you every played it? You can download foosball game app on your iPad but it will not feel the same. There’s an additional accessory from a third party company to give you experience in playing a classic foosball game on iPad. iPad Foosball provides just the right combination of real-world, tactile experience with digital enhancement. Four spinners on each side with comfortable grips spin and shift in and out, controlling the digital players on the field. Sliding colored markers at each end keep track of the score, and the rubber feet on the table’s legs keep things stable during the action. Its price starts from $59.95 and it’s compatible for iPad 3, 4 and Air.

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Phonesoap Sanitizer


Do you know that your iPhone has 18 times more bacteria than a public restroom? What should we do to sanitize our iPhone? Thank God, iPhone has its sanitizer named Phonesoap Sanitizer. It’s easy-to-use iPhone charger and sanitizer, and you can use it to wipe out most of those germs with ease. Simply place your iPhone inside, attach the charging cable, and close the lid. Exterior lights let you know when the iPhone is charging, and when the cleaning is complete. Inside, a pair of specialized, ultra-violet lights will do the dirty work for you. It has acoustic Audio Amplifier which allows you to hear notification while your iPhone is sanitizing. It costs $54.95.

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iPhone Retro Talk dock


The Talk Dock Phone Set is a retro, 2-in-1 styled phone dock and handset with a handset that stays cool during use. Acting as a dock, charging station, and receiver all in one, the Talk Dock lets you charge your phone, talk to your friends, and finish your crossword all at once. You can get this retro style telephone receiver for only $28.45.

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iPhone Game Controller from MOGA


You can do a lot of things with your iPhone indeed, including playing games. There are lots of interesting game apps you can download from App Store, but things can be a lot more interesting with this iPhone game controller. With a design and button layout inspired by traditional console controllers, MOGA offers a much finer level of control than your mobile device’s touchscreen. With the controller’s dual analog thumbsticks, you’ll enjoy a competitive edge in first-person shooters, racing games, platformers, and other mobile games that call for quick, precise control.

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