If you happen to be a professional photographer, then you might need special-purpose photo editing monitor for achieving the desired editing and enhancement features to your photographs. The professional photographers usually tend to have a specific set of needs and requirements that they want out of a particular monitor. These set of requirements tend to differ completely from that of a game freak or a busy corporate executive.

For instance, the gamers or executives would not need better refresh rates or a big viewing angle. To be able to view in a big frame or with a good amount of intricate detail are quite vital to a professional photographer. If you too are on the verge of starting out your journey as a professional photographer, then here is the list of the best monitors for photo editing in 2017.

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List of best monitors for photo editing in 2017

Monitors for photo editing with a great resolution

8Dell UltraSharp 27 U2717D 27”

This 27-inch monitor is powered by WQHD resolution. This monitor offers not just a large size, but a great resolution for perfect editing as well. The standard size of the display for most of the basic monitors is usually HD. The standard display resolution is as 1920 X 1080 pixels. However, with Dell UltraSharp, the professional photographers get a magnificent resolution of around 2560 X 1440 pixels that is WQHD.

When as a professional, you would want to achieve the desired In-Plane Switching or IPS for getting the true colors or for obtaining grand viewing angles, then this can be considered to be one of the best monitors for photo editing. The monitor offers 99% of sRGB color space with around 16.7 million hues in its massive storehouse. The monitor is available in a factory-calibrated mode. The monitor comes with an aspect ratio like 16:9 along with better connectivity options. The Dell UltraSharp supports both USB as well as HDMI ports in addition to the smaller display ports.

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Monitors for photo editing in 2017 with great connectivity

7NEC EA275 UHD-BK 27”

This is another in the list of the best monitors for photo editing in 2017. This 27-inch monitor is powered by ISP display. It comes with a UHD 4K screen along with a high resolution of around 3840 X 2160 pixels along with a grand viewing angle of as much as 178 degrees both vertical and horizontal.

The monitor offers the aspect ratio like 16:9 and offers as many as 1.07 billion color options. Moreover, it also covers around 78.1% of that of AdobeRGB along with around 100% of that of sRGB color area. The NEC EA275 photo editing monitor range comes with great USB as well as HDMI connectors that ensure better connectivity. You can be enthralled by the amazing display of LED backlight feature that ensures low power intake and use of less harmful materials.

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Photo editing monitor from BenQ

6BenQ SW2700PT 27”


This is considered to be one if the best monitors for photo editing in 2017. This is a 27-inch photo editing monitor that is powered by the In-Plane Switching (IPS) display technology. This specialized monitor comes with a resolution of around 2560 X 1440 along with a contrast ratio as 1000:1.

The BenQ monitor offers around 99% spanning of AdobeRGB color area. There is the presence of an inbuilt calibration tool that makes use of the image processing technology chip. This is considered to be a more reliable and better way of maintaining the bright display. In addition to this, the monitor also offers a specialized calibration application. The monitor can also be easily switched from the photo editing mode to the browsing or even gaming mode. This is offered by the “mode-change” option referred to as the OSD controller which enables the change with much ease.

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Best monitors for photo editing with UHD resolution

5Samsung UE590D 23.6”/28”

This is another from the list of the monitors for photo editing. This specialized monitor by Samsung combines the smaller size of the screen along with the UHD resolution. The monitor offers 3840 X 2160 of display resolution. This monitor comes in two variants of size: 23.6-inch and 28-inch.

With Samsung UE590D photo editing monitor, the users can expect brighter & clearer images along with the option to choose a high-resolution picture in a larger dimension in comparison to the full-HD basic monitors. The PLS is also brighter, less power consuming and much more enhanced than the older version of the IPS technology. The monitor comes with a 100% of sRGB color space that ensures better reproduction of the exciting mix of colors. The screen of the monitor is best-suited for both the professional photographers and for the gaming enthusiasts as well.

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Photo editing monitors from Asus

4ASUS Designo MX27AQ 27”

This 27-inch monitor is specialized for the professional editors and photographers. This is powered by the IPS technology and offers WQHD display resolution as 2560 X 1440. The aspect ratio offered by the ASUS Desgino photo editing monitor is that of 16:9 and the contrast ratio like 100,000,000:1.

The monitor also offers 100% sRGB color spectrum and thus ensures the photographers the full support over the compatibility of the web colors for the images. The monitor supports as many as 16.7 million color combinations. The connectivity offered by the ASUS Desingo monitor includes that of the USB as well as HDMI ports. The monitor also offers the specialized ASUS eye-care feature and TUV Rheinland-certified as well as flicker-free backlighting as well as blue light effects to minimize the eye fatigue. There is also a Bang & Olufsen feature technology for offering rich sound while working.

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Photo editing monitor that offers better viewing experience

3EIZO ColorEdge CG318-4K 31.1”

If you are looking out for a bigger working space on your monitor, then this could be one of the best photo editing monitors for you. This monitor comes in a whopping 31.1-inch size to accommodate all your specific needs. There is the presence of IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology that comes with a resolution of 4096 X 2160 pixels.

The contrast ratio offered by this monitor is 1500:1 that tends to create a large screen working area along with the equivalent pixel count for offering the maximum resolution to the editors. The photographers can display their images in a ratio of 1:2 to enable better viewing experience. With the help of the larger monitor screen, the photographers are able to view the image in a larger size. They can also correct the minor faults and errors that could be hidden in the images. With the help of greater resolution, the editors are able to work in a detailed manner.

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Best monitors for Photo editing from HP

2HP Z27s 27”

This is a big-screen IPS powered LED backlit photo editing monitor that comes with a resolution of around 3840 X 2160 pixels UHD. The larger resolution of the monitor screen helps the photographers in viewing an image in a greater size and pixel. This would ensure proper editing of the same along with the proper identification of the intricate details and errors if any in the images.

The IPS (In-Plane Switching) feature technology offered by the HP Z27s monitor offers a better viewing angle of around 178 degrees. In addition to this, there is also a contrast ratio of 1000:1. This will help in obtaining of the deeper blacks. The monitor comes with several connectivity options including that of the USM as well as HDMI that can be easily connected to the laptop or the USB portals. The monitor offers an amazing color support of sRGB color space along with around 1.07 billion hue options. The additional features of this monitor include that of the swivel and height adjustment factors.

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Acer monitors for photo editing

1Acer H257HU SMIDPX H7 25”

This is another name in the list of the best monitors for photo editing in 2017. This is the 25-inch LED backlit & LCD photo editing monitor that comes with a 2560 X 1440 QHD display resolution. The QHD resolution offers 70% greater and enhanced pixels that can perfectly fit a 25-inch Acer photo editing screen.

The Acer H257HU SMIDPX H7 monitor comes with a great contrast ratio of around 100,000,000:1. It also provides a massive support of around 16.7 million hue options. The monitors for photo editing for the professional photographers have the freedom to swivel and tilt accordingly. Acer H25 model can be tilted forward for adjusting the viewing angle. The Acer specialized monitor for the photographers and editors also offer great dimming property along with anti-glare and blue-light filtering options to enable the individuals to work for several hours at a stretch without affecting the vision of their eyes.

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If you are on the footprints of becoming a professional photographer, then the need for an excellent photo editing monitor comes of great help. You can go through our tailor-made list of the best photo editing monitors in 2017. This shall help you out in making the rightmost decision about your choice of the monitors that can help you in the effective editing of the photographs. A good photograph calls for a sufficient amount of editing. Achieve the same by buying a great photo editing monitor for yourself!

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