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Top Best iPhone 11 cases

Apple iPhone 11 is the most happening smartphone of the year because it is affordable, looks great, and is capable of taking some of the best photographs ever. The best iPhone 11 cases are a great way to protect your phone with its hefty camera bump, from those occasional scratches. The phone is available in a range of colors and you can choose between rugged, layered cases, to transparent ones based on how you like to portray your product.

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A Beautiful Transparent iPhone 11 Case

FloveMe iPhone 11 Clear Case

FloveMe iPhone 11 Clear Case

The first choice for any buyer is to go for a transparent case. After all, the iPhone 11 is available in some exciting color choices including red, blue, and yellow. If you are going to wrap it up inside a thick case, you may never be able to showcase its real beauty. Instead, the FloveMe iPhone 11 case allows you to showcase the beauty of your device.

As with any other transparent case, it provides basic protection against drops and bumps. The case is a perfect solution for anyone who is worried about scratches on the rear side of the phone. The camera bump definitely worries a lot of people because when you place it on a hard surface, it may get scratched leading to bad photographs. The FloveMe case ensures that it stays protected, looking new and clean.

The cutouts allow the user to have instant access to the charging port and the microphone, speakers. The camera bump is accentuated by the raised design of the case which also adds up to its thickness. The product comes with a solid 18-month warranty and in case it has a problem during this period, you can always request a replacement. The raised edges also defend the display even when you place the phone face-down on a table.

What Makes FloveMe iPhone 11 Clear Case a Solid Choice?

  • The transparent design is a must-have especially for the iPhone 11 because it showcases its vibrant colors.
  • The case protects the display and the camera bump against scratches.

Recommended For:

  • For buyers who have opted for the colorful variant of the iPhone 11 like the red or the yellow phone. This is a great choice because it shows your phone’s beautiful colors to everyone. Besides, it provides protection against scratches without compromising in terms of design.

A Protective Case with Space for Credit Cards

Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet Slim Case with Credit Card Holder

Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet Slim Case with Credit Card Holder

A productive case can also protect your device if you are looking for a dual solution in a single product. The Lupa iPhone 11 wallet case can easily top the best iPhone 11 cases because of how it serves its purpose. The advantage of having such a solution is that you no longer have to carry your wallet wherever you go. You can just carry the phone as well as all the cards, and some cash in this case.

There is ample space in this design that can be easily used to hold up to four cash bills, two or three cards and also have space for some coins in case you need to carry them with you. The case is made of high-quality faux leather material coupled with a lock that keeps your iPhone 11 safe. The cutouts are perfectly done and this particular desert sky model looks like a jean skin.

The wallet case for the iPhone 11 also makes use of a spacious bottom layer where you can immediately access your charging port and speakers. It saves a lot of time in trying to identify the exact cutouts in cases that protect them at every corner. The addition of cards may bulk up the phone a bit but it also ensures you don’t have to carry your wallet on the go.

What Makes the Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet Ideal?

  • It has become important to carry your phones wherever you go and with this case, you can skip using another wallet.
  • The cards are easy to store and you can store cash too.

Recommended For:

  • The Lupa iPhone 11 Wallet is for users who like to save time and space in their jeans pocket or their handbag. The case is gender-neutral and both men and women can use it to protect their phones besides carrying credit cards and a little bit of cash.

Protect Your iPhone with a Case Built Like a Tank

Spigen Rugged Armor Apple iPhone 11 Case

Spigen Rugged Armor Apple iPhone 11 Case

Spigen is a well-known brand in the world of phone case manufacturers. The Spigen Rugged Armor is a popular variant from Spigen that focuses on protecting your iPhone 11 like a tank and it is highly reliable. As with such thick cases, it will definitely add bulk to your phone.

The Spigen Rugged Armor Apple iPhone 11 case excels at providing a thick layer on all four corners. If you accidentally drop the phone, it is assured that the edges will not get damaged at any point. To protect the display, you can always consider adding a thick tempered glass as a screen protector. The lack of an in-display fingerprint scanner allows you to use any protector on it.

The case is made of carbon fiber design and the flexible TPU case is easy to apply. The design also allows you to wirelessly charge your device without having to remove it. It is also easy to remove and re-apply the case making it highly versatile. The company also makes use of Air-Cushion technology to protect the corners and it has raised lips to protect the camera bump.

What Makes Spigen Rugged Armor Apple iPhone 11 Case Reliable?

  • The thick case has a stylish cutout on the back to showcase the Apple logo.
  • The raised lip protects the camera bump and it has a flexible yet durable finish.

Recommended For:

  • If you love protecting your phone like no other and don’t mind adding some bulk to it, this is a perfect solution. The Spigen Rugged Armor Apple iPhone 11 Case provides the highest level of protection for your phone and also improves the grip.

A Solid Case that Feels Soft to the Touch

Kumeek Soft Silicone Gel iPhone 11 Case

Kumeek Soft Silicone Gel iPhone 11 Case

At first look, the case may appear as if it will not deliver most of its features, but if you explore further, you will be surprised by the amazing things incorporated into a slim case like this one. The Kumeek Soft Silicone Gel iPhone 11 Case is excellent when it comes to providing you a silky smooth touch that feels good in the hands. The backside of the case is made of liquid silicone gel that feels baby smooth.

At least, that’s what the manufacturer calls it and if you don’t like textured grips, this should be right on your list. The case is made using the same material that Apple uses for its official cases. The biggest difference is that it is quite inexpensive compared to what the company sells for. The inner layer of the case is lined with microfiber which safeguards the smooth back of the phone.

The cutouts are precisely done so that you can access the charging ports any time without hassles. The camera cutout is well done and it has a raised lip that protects it when you keep the phone on any hard surface. The purple-colored case looks great, stylish, and has a suave look that appeals to the iPhone 11 aesthetics that buyers have come to love through the years.

What Makes the Kumeek Soft Silicone Gel iPhone 11 Case Perfect?

  • The material used in the case is perfectly smooth and feels silky to the touch.
  • The case protects the phone on all sides and uses a raised lip to protect the precious camera.

Recommended For:

  • For users who love to have a clean backside for their phone. Made of a smooth material, this silicone-gel case is a perfect choice that also protects the iPhone 11 efficiently. Everything is unique about this particular case from Kumeek which provides ample protection with style.

An Elite Leather Case

ESR Premium Real Leather Case for iPhone 11

ESR Premium Real Leather Case for iPhone 11

Everyone would want to buy the best iPhone 11 cases but only a very few would take the extra step and spend some money on that premium experience. If you are among the niche crowd and don’t mind spending a bit, the ESR Premium Real Leather case for iPhone 11 is a superior case for the phone that you love. The leather feels perfectly comfortable to touch and enhances the phone’s superiority.

In terms of color, the case is available in two main colors – dark green and black. The best aspect of this particular case is that it has a very slim profile and hardly adds any bulk to the iPhone. The new variant of the phone is much bulkier compared to the past models where iPhones were slim and small. Having a case like this one helps you retain its originality.

The inside of the case is made of a microfiber material to protect it against any scratches in case of a fall. As with all other cases, this one uses a raised lip design. This particular aspect is used by all case manufacturers as it helps overcome the camera bump and allows you to keep your phone flat on any surface. The slim design and leather material make it fun to hold the phone at any time.

What Makes the ESR Premium Real Leather case Premium?

  • The leather material used in the case feels and looks premium.
  • It doesn’t add any bulk to the device.

Recommended For:

  • The ESR Premium Real Leather case is an apt solution for any user who loves the touch that leather provides. The case made of leather and which still lets you have a slim phone makes it a bundled deal for most iPhone 11 owners.

A Sophisticated Case with a Metallic Finish

Spigen Neo Hybrid Satin Silver iPhone 11 Case

Spigen Neo Hybrid Satin Silver iPhone 11 Case

While Spigen is known for making some great cases, they do have a lot of colorful options to choose from. The Spigen Neo Hybrid Satin Silver iPhone 11 Case is the right example because it combines durability with style so that you can enjoy the best of both worlds. The case is available in multiple color choices including black, gunmetal, silver, and burgundy.

If you love a colorful option, the Burgundy will suit most iPhone 11 colors. The case adds just 0.16” inches of depth to the bulk of the phone. Unlike the rugged armor variant, this case is not designed to be extremely durable but rather have design aesthetics to it. The frame is comprised of two different layers, the first one is rubberized and the second is a metallic outer shell.

The dual-layered design allows you to easily put the case on and remove it when you have to. The TPU case is designed to absorb external shock in case you accidentally drop your phone. The polycarbonate bumper further enhances the durability of the case designed to protect your iPhone 11. It has all the cutouts necessary to access the ports and the speakers.

What Makes the Spigen Neo Hybrid Satin Silver iPhone 11 Case Unique?

  • The case is dual-layered and is easy to wrap around your phone.
  • The design is unique with a metal finish and the color choices are rich.

Recommended For:

  • It is a slim yet protective case for users who don’t want to compromise on any aspect. The design should give you an idea and if you love the colors and the type of material used in this case, you can comfortably choose to buy it without any questions.

A Pink-Colored Glitter Case for iPhone 11

ESR Glitter Case Compatible for iPhone 11

ESR Glitter Case Compatible for iPhone 11

Glitter cases are being made for a unique set of audiences who love to add that sparkling touch to their sophisticated iPhones. The ESR Glitter Case is made for the iPhone 11 and is available in a range of colors. The designers have managed to add that beautiful sparkle to all colors including bright red, purple, coraline, sparkle black, and even the dark green variant that is popular on the iPhone 11 Pro.

In case, you miss having that green texture on your iPhone 11, there is this option to buy this case and bring that color choice to your phone. Among the best iPhone 11 cases, this glitter case from ESR definitely stands out. There aren’t many customers who would want such a sparkling effect on their phone but for those who really love it, this is a perfect fit.

The product is made using durable materials including a soft TPU material on the inside and a transparent covering on the outside. There is a middle layer that has the glittering design along with the color you choose, be it rose gold, pink, or black. The design is unique and provides a sparkling look to your phone all the time. As with all other cases, the raised edges protect the camera and phone. The case comes with a warranty period of 180-days.

What Makes the ESR Glitter Case Compatible for iPhone 11 a Unique Pick?

  • The case’s glittering design makes it stand out from the rest.
  • It has three different layers for added protection and safeguarding the phone.

Recommended For:

  • The ESR Glitter Case Compatible for iPhone 11 is available in different colors and people who love the iPhone 11 for its choice of colors would definitely love this case. It is surprisingly well-built and also adds lots of sparkles to make your phone stand out from others.

Turn your Phone into a Deep Sea Shipwreck

OtterBox Symmetry Series Rusty Case for iPhone 11

OtterBox Symmetry Series Rusty Case for iPhone 11

Have you ever thought about making your phone look rusty, like a shipwreck in the deep sea? You probably didn’t, but you will, when you take a look at this new case. The OtterBox Symmetry Series Rusty Case for iPhone 11 is designed to give a unique look to your phone. The case is thin, sleek, and stylish and not many cases can compete with this when it comes to looks.

Besides, the case is manufactured by OtterBox, a brand that is known for making some of the best phone cases in the world. The company’s brand value comes into the picture when you want a durable and reliable product that is also designed to protect your iPhone 11. Compared to other cases, this one is definitely expensive but the design combined with the build quality justifies it.

The case is made of a single body so that you can simply pop your phone inside it and start using it. In case, you want to take out the phone to view its original color, you can do so without having to work with multiple case parts. The product is made with durable materials that protect the phone completely. It is the ‘shipwreck bounty-like’ rusty design that will give a whole new look to your iPhone 11.

What Makes the OtterBox Symmetry Series Rusty Case for iPhone 11 Amazing?

  • The amazing design is the standout feature of this case.
  • The texture feels nice to hold, adding grip to the phone.

Recommended For:

  • Users who love the unique design can go for this branded product that is durable and offers value for money even though it costs much more than most other cases. The OtterBox Symmetry Series Rusty Case for iPhone 11 is made using high-quality material that provides a sophisticated feel when you touch it.

An IP68 Certified Waterproof Case

Vapesoon Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

     Vapesoon Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

The iPhone 11 is a great phone with some reliable waterproofing capabilities but if you want to push the limits, this waterproof case will come in as the best solution. Instead of exposing your device directly to the sea pressure or other underwater bodies, consider covering it up with a case. The best iPhone cases can be all fancy and stylish looking but this is one is a really productive case.

Designed to be extremely reliable, the Vapesoon Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 has managed to acquire an IP68 waterproof rating. In other words, it will not let water easily seep into the case and onto the phone. You can take it while you go snorkeling and it can withstand up to 20 minutes in 1.5meters deep water. The case provides an additional level of protection for your phone.

The multi-purpose case makes use of a transparent cover on both sides. A built-in screen protector defends your display against scratches and accidental drops. The transparent back ensures the color of your iPhone, be it red, yellow, or the usual black is visible from the outside. Most rugged, durable cases will hide the back panel and your favorite color but this one does retain your phone’s style.

What Makes the Vapesoon Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 Great?

  • It is a genuine waterproof case with an IP68 rating.
  • The case is bundled with a screen protector and is transparent that showcases your iPhone’s colors.

Recommended For:

  • The Vapesoon Heavy Duty Waterproof Case for iPhone 11 is certified to be waterproof so that users who love adventure sports like kayaking or snorkeling can take their phones out to different places. Besides, it provides rugged and durable protection to your iPhone 11 like no other case out there.

A Wallet Case with Interior Cushion for Comfort

HianDier Wallet Case for iPhone 11

HianDier Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Carrying your phone and wallet wherever you go is definitely a cumbersome experience. Instead of doing this every time, the HianDier Wallet Case for iPhone 11 is designed to make life easier for you. The cushioning effect on the case is very unique even though it does add a bit of bulk to the product. It feels really good to hold in one hand and enhances the grip factor.

The case is perfectly designed to fit the iPhone 11 released in 2021 and not any other phone model. The good news is that it has all the cutouts to instantly access the charging port, microphone, and speakers on your phone. At first look, most people will mistake your phone for a wallet and it is good because that is one important accessory that you should protect at all times.

The case can comfortably hold three cards in it and most users may not require more than one credit card at a time. You can also use just two cards and reserve the third slot for your driving license or an identification card. The case is made of soft PU leather which is durable and feels smooth to touch. It uses magnetic locks to safeguard your cards and cash pouch making it a much more productive case.

What Makes the HianDier Wallet Case for iPhone 11 a Productive Choice?

  • The case is made of soft PU leather material and feels good to the touch.
  • It also has slots for three cards and cash making it a 2-in-1 wallet and a case

Recommended For:

  • The leather is long-lasting and this is a perfect case for anyone who loves to have just one accessory to carry out. The HianDier Wallet Case for iPhone 11 is designed to be a wallet and a phone case, a two-in-one solution that is productive and easy to use.

Get the Best of Every Material in a Single Case

Tendlin iPhone 11 Case with Wood Grain and Carbon Fiber

Tendlin iPhone 11 Case with Wood Grain and Carbon Fiber

The best of all cases have converged into a single case. While it is surprising that they have managed to incorporate all of them beautifully, it is also a design that offers uniqueness like no other. The Tendlin iPhone 11 Case is a single-piece construction primarily made of wood veneer. The grip on the backside is delivered by the carbon fiber texture on the rear side.

The choice of materials doesn’t stop there as the camera area is properly raised with the help of a lip and also features leather material. When you hold your iPhone 11 in landscape mode, your fingers will naturally rest on this area and it lets you easily know it is where the camera is located. All these actions can be done without having to search where the camera is or to look at how you are holding your phone.

This perfect fit case is among the best iPhone 11 cases that have cutouts on the sides that increase the grip on your phone to an incredible level. The cutouts provide easy access to the volume and power buttons. The product also comes with a limited one year warranty period and is a great investment for anyone who wants to stand unique from the crowd. After all, there aren’t many cases made out of wood.

What Makes the Tendlin iPhone 11 Case Unique?

  • The case is primarily made of wood veneer that gives your phone a sophisticated look like no other.
  • It also gives you a great sense of touch with carbon fiber material and a small leather area.

Recommended For:

  • Everything that you would love and something entirely different is available on this Tendlin case that makes it the best pick for people who love the difference. If you love touching different materials, instead of using multiple cases, you can opt for this choice while protecting your phone.

A No-Frill Case for your iPhone 11

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 11

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 11

This is another big brand’s case that is purely designed for the basic purpose of protecting the iPhone 11 and not to be too fancy. If all you need is reliable protection for your phone combined with good grip and durable finish, the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 11 ticks all the boxes. While the pricing is definitely on the expensive side, you can’t complain about the excellent build quality the brand OtterBox offers.

The big advantage of going for this case is that you will not add any kind of bulk to the phone. Surprisingly, it still manages to deliver efficient protection and cover all the fragile parts of your iPhone 11. The one-piece build is easy to wrap on your device or remove, in case you want to change your screen protector or just clean the dust on the sides.

The build quality further paves way for the vivid color reproduction of these cases. The case comes in bright colors such as yellow, beguiled rose, red, blue, and stone variants to choose from. While they may not be an exact reproduction of the colors found on the iPhone 11, it does look vibrant and bright that you would love to have these cases as a fashion statement besides helping to protect the phone.

What Makes the OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 11 a Good Choice?

  • The case is plain and simple, feels good in the hands.
  • They are available in different colors that match the phone

Recommended For:

  • For those who prefer build-quality overlooks. The OtterBox Symmetry Series Case for iPhone 11 has a great build quality and anyone who loves colors should definitely go for this branded product. It is a bit expensive but the value it delivers makes up for it.


The Best iPhone 11 cases come in all sizes and shapes so that you can find your ideal pick. The OtterBox solution is compact, doesn’t add any bulk to the phone and also feels good to hold. There are other cases from Spigen that are rugged and armored for maximum protection, while transparent cases retain the original look of the phone. Irrespective of a wallet case or a heavy-duty case, you can go for the one with the most positive reviews and that is priced right to suit your budget.