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Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Cases

Summary –   The Huawei Mate Pro 20 is one of the best offerings from the manufacturer to date. The

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DAYJOY Eco-Friendly Case Huawei Comprehensive Protection Flip Case OtterBox One Piece Design Case DDJ Military Grade Drop Tested Case
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The Huawei Mate Pro 20 is one of the best offerings from the manufacturer to date. The smartphone boasts of excellent features and specifications in all departments that make it definitely worth owning. This naturally means that the device finds its place among its higher-priced counterparts. So, you would undoubtedly want to give the handset the best protection you can, to avoid any regret later. If you check online, you are sure to find many types of cases. While most of them guarantee you the basic level of protection, a few cases have certain features that make them stand out. The following is a list of cases that you might find interesting to ensure the best protection for your Huawei smartphone.

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Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Cases

Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case with Wireless Charging Support

Urban Armor Gear Non-Slip Case

Urban Armor Gear Non-SlipCase

The Urban Armor Gear case features a feather-light construction and adheres to military drop-test standards to offer enhanced shock protection. The case encompasses a soft impact resistant core and a hard outer armor shell that makes it both pliable and durable at the same time. The rear scratch resistant skid pads and a soft raised rubber screen lip ensure 360 degrees protection for your Huawei smartphone from damage and scratches

The case offers a non-slip ruggedized grip over your smartphone. The precise positioning of the cutouts ensures easy access to the various ports available. The accessory also renders full access to the touchscreen, buttons and camera without any hindrance. The ultra-responsive tactile buttons provide a clean and crisp click-feel for enhanced functionality. The Urban Armor Gear case comes in two color choices of plasma ash and monarch black with a one year warranty.

Who should buy this?

     ·         The Urban Armor Gear case is undoubtedly a great option for people who believe in going wireless as it supports wireless charging and wireless NFC payments

     ·         The case is worth considering by those who want a case that is rugged and lightweight at the same time




Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case with Smart View Window

Huawei Comprehensive Protection Flip Case

Huawei Comprehensive Protection Flip Case

The Huawei case offers complete protection for your Mate 20 Pro and its screen with its durable and slimline construction. The case is made of premium quality plastic and polyurethane that makes it extremely durable, as well as render a sophisticated feel and look. It safeguards the smartphone from scratches, dust and other minor daily damages.

The case has a transparent smart view window for you to view important notifications of incoming calls, weather, alarms, messages and other such details without having to open the case. The cutouts on the case are perfectly set to avoid any form of interference when the ports of the device are in use. The Huawei case is available in two color choices of black and deep blue.

Who should buy this?

     ·         The Huawei case is without any second thought the best bet for people who want an accessory from the manufacturer of their smartphone

     ·         The smart view window makes the case ideal for those who do not want to open the flip cover each time to check on incoming notifications




Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case with Raised Screen Bumper

OtterBox One Piece Design Case

OtterBoxOne PieceDesign Case

The OtterBox case is made of a combination of polycarbonate and synthetic rubber to give it the desired durability and ruggedness. The case is drop-proof and scratch resistant to give your smartphone the maximum protection possible against drops and bumps. The slim design allows you to easily slip the handset into your pocket or purse without making it look bulky. The case has a raised screen bumper with beveled edges that protect the touchscreen.

The Symmetry Series clear accessory has a one-piece design that helps you to take it off the smartphone and put it back again easily without affecting the functionality of any feature or button. The OtterBox accessory comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer.

Who should buy this?

     ·         The single-piece design makes the OtterBox accessory apt for people who want a simple case that they can easily put on and take off the smartphone

     ·         The durability and ruggedness makes the case ideal for people such as builders, mechanics, and electricians who work in a rough environment



Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case with Aluminum Exteriors

DDJ Military Grade Drop Tested Case

DDJ Military Grade Drop TestedCase

The DDJ case utilizes two different materials for its outer and inner surfaces. The inner layer is a soft TPE gel layer that offers maximum protection against falls. On the other hand, the outer layer on the front and back panels are made of aluminum that makes the case strong and shockproof. The random pattern with notches on the rear panel makes sure that the case offers a sturdy grip and does not slip from your hands. The case also has raise bumper edges surrounding the screen and camera to protect them from falls and scratches, as well as a cushioning effect on the four corners to protect the smartphone from bumps and drops.

The military grade drop tested case has a tough armor design that renders excellent shock absorption against daily accidents. The case comes fitted with a collapsible magnetic bracket kickstand. The accessory is bulky and sturdy, but stylish and protective at the same time. It is available in three color variants of black, red, and silver. The DDJ phone case comes with a screwdriver, six spare screws, and pictorial instructions on how to fix the case.

Who should buy this?

     ·         The DDJ case is apt for people engaged in a lot of outdoor activities or sports like hiking, camping, and rock climbing

     ·         The inclusion of the magnetic kickstand makes the case ideal for those who wish to enjoy hands-free viewing by placing the smartphone in various angles



Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case with Multiple Pouches

HOOMIL Multi-Function Protective Case

HOOMIL Multi-Function ProtectiveCase

The HOOMIL case comprises premium PU leather material on the outside that saves the tempered glass screen guard from dirt and scratches, as well as a soft TPU inner shell that protects the sides, back, and all four corners of the smartphone. The raised corners prevent scratches on the screen or the screen from touching the ground. The flip case has two card slots for you to keep cards of your choice and a bigger slot to carry some cash with you for an emergency. It also encompasses a double-sided strong magnetic closure that prevents the flip from opening and causing the cash and/or cards to fall off.

The case can be kept horizontally to act as an angled stand and allow hands-free usage. The precise cutouts for the camera, buttons, and ports ensure that you can use these functions on your handset without removing the case. The black and brown color combination gives the HOOMIL case an elegant look.

Who should buy this?

     ·         The HOOMIL case is apt for people who would like to use the same option to carry both their smartphone and cash and/or cards

     ·         The stand functionality ensures that the case is the right choice for those who enjoy watching movies and video chats

     ·         The black and brown color combination makes the case ideal for those who prefer a formal looking case for use in an office environment




Best Huawei Mate 20 Pro Case with Natural Wood Grains

DAYJOY Eco-Friendly Case

DAYJOY Eco-FriendlyCase

The DAYJOY case is made of a combination of real wood and Kevlar fiber. The back panel is designed using 0.18 mm barks shaved off from wood logs. This makes the handmade case appear unique with an artistic look because of the natural wood grain and finish. The ultra-slim and lightweight case renders complete protection against daily damages such as bumps, scratches, shock and dust. Its precise cutouts also support easy access to ports and control buttons without having to remove the case each time.

The luxury case strikes a perfect balance between durability, strength, weight, and style. The exclusive cork texture makes the accessory look very cool, classy, and stylish without any bulk. The DAYJOY case is available in four different shades, each with distinct wood grain on the outside to make it look unique.

Who should buy this?

     ·         The DAYJOY case is the right option for people who would like their smartphone case to stand out from those of others because of the unique grain work on the outside panel of each accessory.

     ·         The case is a good choice for environmentalists because of the eco-friendly wood material used in place of the usual polycarbonate.





Before buying a case, take time to decide what features you would like it to offer. For example, if you want your smartphone to look really sleek, a slim case is the best option. To ensure overall protection for both the smartphone body and screen, take your pick from a case that comes along with a screen protector. On the other hand, if you would like to rest it on a flat surface when you use it for long hours, cases with stands attached to them are a good idea. And if you wish for your smartphone to look colorful and also be protected, check out those manufacturers that offer the same type of case in different colors. Last but not least, there are always flip cases that cover your smartphone completely giving all-round protection.


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