Best Gaming Consoles for Kids 2021

Big brands like Sony and Microsoft and Xbox have improved their gaming consoles to be in pair with the latest technological trends in the industry. Of course, there are many

Big brands like Sony and Microsoft and Xbox have improved their gaming consoles to be in pair with the latest technological trends in the industry. Of course, there are many great consoles for little ones. And if that’s what you are looking for, this article is for you.  We have compiled a list of some of the best gaming consoles for kids 2019.

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List of Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

Best Portable Gaming Console For Kids

Nintendo Switch

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

When it comes to both home usage and portable usage, the Nintendo Go is a perfect choice. Users can now play the very best of games almost anywhere. It comes with a very appealing Ultra HD Display which is one of the greatest in the industry. You can now let your kids enjoy the very best of High Definition Gaming. It’s not just offline gaming that is possible with the Nintendo Go Switch, online gaming is an absolute delight as well.




Best Educational Gaming Console For Kids

Leapfrog Leap TV

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

When it comes to superior parent control of gaming consoles, the Leapfrog Leap TV is the best in the business. It is a great education tool for children of all ages and it makes learning a truly fun-filled process. Children get to learn more about reading, mathematics, science, and a host of other exciting subjects.

This console uses the concept of motions and movements to keep the child more physically involved with what’s being taught on the screen. Parents can choose from almost 100 plus games and apps that are best suited for any child wishing to learn something new. The most notable feature of this gaming console is the body motion feature.  It allows the kids to dance, jump, hop, etc. The pointer play allows you to twist, turn, and move like a frog itself! The classic control allows you to shake and tilt the controller for fast-paced gameplay.


Best Console For Kids With Amazing Features

Xbox One X

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

The name of the brand speaks for itself. The Xbox One X is arguably the most technologically advanced gaming console in existence. The game characters on this console appear as if they are real. All thanks to its crystal clear 4K video playback feature.

The video resolution which the Xbox One X offers is 40 percent higher than any other gaming consoles out there. It is all down to its powerful 8-core Custom AMD CPU clocked at 2.3GHz. It comes equipped with a monstrous RAM Memory of 12GB GDDR5. Overall, it’s a great gaming console for both kids and adults.




Best Gaming Console For Kids With 500GB Internal Hard Drive

Sony PlayStation 4

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

It is equipped with some of the most advanced technical features which the gaming industry has ever seen. It allows gameplay in crystal clear 4K video resolution. The design of the console is very neat and futuristic.

PS4 comes with a mammoth internal storage of 500 GB which varies to 2TB max. The console also supports VR gaming for select gaming titles as well.

The uniquely designed console comes in colors such as Black, Glacier White, and the stunning new Gold and Silver. It also comes equipped with many parental controls that allow you to keep a watch over your children’s activity.



Best 4K Gaming Console For Kids

Sony PlayStation 4 Pro

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

It is another variant of the legendary PS4 gaming console. It literally takes gaming to a whole new level all thanks to its superior technical features. It allows gameplay at full HD, so you and your family can enjoy gaming in the best way possible.

4K gaming is now a possibility with the PS4 Pro. You can now play legendary games like Call of Duty, FIFA, etc. all at ultra 4K HD. Another interesting feature of the PS4 Pro is its Boost Mode in which the console power increases tenfold. The graphics and gaming speed are considerably increased which takes your gaming experience to a whole new level.

It’s not just gaming which the PS4 Pro allows, you can now enjoy multimedia content like movies, TV shows, and cartoons all at crystal clear 4K video resolution. Hence, it is the complete entertainment package for your kids.




Best gaming console with High Dynamic Range Technology

Xbox One S

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

It is the advanced version of the legendary Xbox One which allows you to enjoy gaming at crystal clear 4K Resolution. The graphics on offer are mind-boggling and are an upgrade from the previous version of Xbox. The audio is word class as it incorporates features such as Premium Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio.

The console boasts an appealing design and ergonomic features. It is considerably more durable and lighter than the Xbox One. The visual depth for some of the best games can be utilized owing to the high contrast ratio of the Xbox One S.

Overall, it’s a great upgrade from any old gaming console and will make any kid fall in love with it.




Best affordable gaming console for kids 

Sony PlayStation 3

Best Gaming Consoles for Kids

The PlayStation 3 is a home video game console developed by Sony Computer Entertainment. It was the very first gaming console of its type to integrate gaming with social media. Sony’s first-ever social gaming service, The PlayStation Network, was introduced with the PlayStation 3.

It features some very good technical features and remains one of the best Sony ever made. It is also available in slim and super slim models which allows you to take your PS3 gaming console on the go.


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