Best Gadgets for Men To Buy In 2021

Summary –   Men who have cool gadgets running on cutting edge technology will never have a dull moment in their lives. You can use these cool gadgets while showering,


Men who have cool gadgets running on cutting edge technology will never have a dull moment in their lives. You can use these cool gadgets while showering, working out or watching television. You can also check these out for some excellent tech gift ideas. All of us want to keep up with the latest tech gadgets. However, there’s such a sea of options out there that it’s possible to get lost and confused. We have listed some of the best gadgets for men this year. They range from gift ideas for music lovers to fitness gurus to smart home fans to TV watchers. Take your pick!!!

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Best Gadgets For Men

Sporty and Smart Altimeter Watch

Suunto Core

Suunto Core

 It is an altimeter with complete features. There are waterproof buttons that you can use when shallow diving or snorkeling. The graphs are good and so are the barometer features. The interface is easy to use with neat labels and a simple menu.

It comes with 3 alarms, timer and stopwatch, along with a view of the current time. It offers altimeter as well as barometer functions and can measure elevations at intervals of 3ft. It also measures pressure to give accurate readings. The altimeter log can record ascent, descent, number of laps, the correct vertical height, etc. for 7 days. It is also very convenient with a graph showing you the altitude and pressure trends. There is also a compass that you can set up. It also shows the sunrise and sunset times if you select the location. The thermometer measures temperatures from -5F to 140F.

The overall menu layout is good and the interface is easy to use and the readings are accurate.

Recommended For:

  • Those who are willing to pay the price for a non-GPS altimeter/barometer watch.
  • Those looking for an accurate altimeter
  • Skiers, who will find it very useful
  • Those who do off trail travelling
  • Recommended for snorkeling and shallow diving, as itis waterproof and can be taken down up to 100 ft.

Sports Headphones for the Gym

Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Earphones

Bose Soundsport Free Wireless Earphones

The Free is a wireless version of the Bose SoundSport wireless earphones. There is no inline remote for the earphones and instead, the volume controls are present within the buds itself. The buds are quite large and come with decent sized batteries, offering nearly 5 hours of battery life. There is a charging case that comes along with the earphones.

It comes with the Bose StayHear + sports tips. The earphones stay well locked in the ears and seal out ambient noise. This improves sound quality. The bass and sound quality is excellent, especially when you are walking outside. Though not completely waterproof, it is sweat resistant with IPX4 water resistance. If you’re worried that you’ll lose your earbuds, there’s a Find My Buds feature in the Bose connect application, helping you locate them. You can use the app for updating the firmware as well. It is one of the best wireless earphones. It sounds good; fits securely and offers good performance as a sports headphone.

Recommended For:

  • Running, as it is a sports headphone fitting very securely in the ears Those who wish to listen to music while exercising.

Inexpensive Way to Make your Home Smart

Echo Dot, 2nd Gen, Smart Speaker

Echo Dot 2nd Gen Smart Speaker

It’s an Alexa smart assistant, a smart home device that you can use to update your stereo system. The dimensions of the speaker are 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.3 inches and it comes with LED lights on the top status bar. There are perforated dots indicating the speaker. At the top, you will find buttons for Action; volume and enabling or disabling the microphone. It is available in two colors: black; white. You can personalize it with different colored cases. It is lightweight but needs to be plugged in, so it is not a portable device as such, though you could use battery cases if you’re on the go.

Use the Alexa app to connect with the Echo Dot. It has an inbuilt speaker. You can also connect it to any other speaker using Bluetooth or a 3.5 mm cable. Use voice commands to tell the Echo Dot to change the temperature on your Nest thermostat. You can get information about the weather, set your alarm or make any other smart home requests. You can also make use of Amazon Skills to get information related to gaming devices; deliver pizza home, automate home lighting systems and so on.

It is integrated with Amazon Prime Music, Spotify, and Pandora among others, so it is easy to stream music through your home speaker.

Recommended For:

  • Those who wish to update their home stereo system with a speaker as audio playback is the most important feature.
  • Those who wish to access Alexa but don’t want to buy the Echo can use this as an alternative. The Echo dot does everything that Amazon Echo does.
  • Those who want a virtual assistant to make their lives easier.

The Winning Formula

GoPro Hero 6

GoPrRo Hero 6

The body design is the same as the previous version, the GoPro Hero 5, so all the mounts/accessories are now compatible with this camera as well. The camera is waterproof up to a maximum of 10 meters without using any external covers. Mounts and accessories are available in the box, with some new ones like The Shorty.

One of the new features is the wake on voice feature. You can turn it off with your voice and then when you turn it on, you can start recording with voice commands. It comes with a customized GP1 processor for capturing high resolutions and frame rates, doubling the performance of the previous version. It now tops at 4K/60 fps with a 1080p/240 fps for slow motions. Image stabilization has also been bumped up and can also be done at 4K/30. Another addition is the Roll correction feature for Wide FoV.

The user interface has been updated. It comes with a display of 2 inches that is easy for framing shots or changing settings and for playback. It features 5 GHz Wi-Fi connectivity so that you can copy videos much faster.

Recommended For:

  • Those who are looking for the best action camera albeit at a high price. The price has now been reduced by $100.
  • Scuba fans as they can use external housing for protection.
  • Ideal for travelers, with the new version making use of a short aluminium thumb screw that is very convenient.
  • Those who want the convenience of an automatic connection to their phones.

World’s No. 1 Shaver Brand

Braun Cordless Pulsonic Electric Foil Shaver, Series 7 790cc

Braun Cordless Pulsonic Electric Foil Shaver Series 7 790cc

This is a shaver from one of the most respected names in German electronic products. The 790cc comes in a stylish metal grey and is a foil type of shaver. There is a separate station for cleaning; renewing and charging. It is waterproof and comes with the full sealed body so that the inner mechanics are not spoilt if contacted with water.

The Braun Pulsonic line has been called as the number one shaver brand in the world and the 790cc is one of the tops of the line products. The 790cc comes with the Clean and Renew feature. It has been designed to work using sideways movements instead of circular ones, as it is not a rotary shaver.

It fits well in the hand with a good ergonomic grip. The shaver comes in foil style and pivots independently. You can select from two power levels for the speed. There is a battery status that shows you battery level as well as the cleaning indication so that you know when it’s time to place the kit in the cleaning station. There are also 3 settings for customizing the shaver, ranging from sensitive, normal and intensive. It also adapts to each person’s facial skin and it offers the closest shave possible.

Recommended For:

  • Those who are willing to pay more money for a well-designed and effective cordless electric shaver that can last many years.
  • Suitable for those who want a completely waterproof and washable shaver.

Outstanding Quality with Tons of Features

Garmin Dash Cam 55

Garmin Dash Cam 55

The design is sleek. In the box, you find the camera unit along with a power cable of 13.5 inches along with USB cable. There are also 2 magnetic mounts and a MicroSD card of 8 GB. The body is made of black plastic and it has a 2 inches LCD screen. The dimensions of the camera are 2.2 x 1.6 x 0.8 inches. The lens is textured plastic and there are 4 buttons on its right. The resolution is 1440 pixel and it also has voice capabilities.

The magnetic mount can be attached to the windshield or dashboard of your car using the 3M adhesive magnet. The display screen becomes dark after some seconds. The video resolution is 1440p at 30 fps but you can reduce it as well. It starts recording in the driving mode once you plug it in and stops recording if you stop the vehicle.

With voice control, you can wake the screen, save videos, take pictures, record audio, and start the Travelapse and so on. Travelapse especially is a cool feature where you can create a condensed, shareable video of a long drive. Video recording quality is excellent. It also offers safety features, giving warnings for lane departure, traffic alerts, and so on, is quite accurate. You can also view, edit and share video directly to any social media.

Recommended For:

  • Those looking for a sleek, compact dash camera to record while travelling.
  • A suitable camera for those on the go.
  • Those who are looking for easy to use, hands-free dash camera, as it works on voice functions. You just have to say OK Garmin.

Security and Convenience while Watching Over your Property

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Ring Video Doorbell Pro

This is a smart doorbell that is slim and compact at 4.5 x 1.8 x 0.8 inches, looking like a conventional bell. You can use the faceplate that matches your home exterior (Black, bronze, nickel or white). In addition, the box contains a screwdriver; screws; anchors; a Power Kit and instructions.

The Video Doorbell Pro can capture images at 1080 pixels and comes with 160 degrees FoV. There are 3 infrared LED lights for offering light up to 30 feet. There is a built-in motion sensor; a speaker; a microphone and a chime. The camera makes use of 802.11 n, both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz for connecting with your Wi-Fi. There is also a doorbell button on the device that glows when you press it.

On pressing the button, you hear a chime and the camera starts recording. An alert is sent to you. You need a service plan for viewing and downloading videos, at $3 a month or $30 for a year. There is also a Neighborhood feature where you can share recorded videos with neighbors. You can also access live stream in landscape mode with two-way audio speakers. The app also comes with several other features like Event history; Device Health where you can check the Wi-Fi signal strength and so on; Linked Chimes; Motion Settings and so on. Installation is easy and the motion sensor works perfectly.

Recommended For:

  • Those who are looking for top-level security and convenience to watch over their homes.
  • Those who want a smart doorbell and sharp videos of who is at your door, both in real time and while you were away.

Focusing on What’s Important

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

It offers a great headset with 53 mm drivers and surrounds sound along with a microphone that is detachable. The exterior is in brushed metal and the color scheme is understated, not gaudy. The cushions are made of memory foam. There are no inline controls. The USB sound card has controls and it is compatible with a PC/Mac controlling the 7.1 sound features on the headset. You can control the volume, enable/disable surround sound etc.

All controls are present in the USB sound card, so it prevents accidental presses when you try to adjust the headset. There’s stereo sound for most devices but surround sound is present for PC/Mac. There is a carry case along with an airline adapter in the box. You also get replaceable velour cushions as an alternative to the leather ones.

Stereo sound is powerful and the drivers offer a lot of punch at both low end and high ends. The virtual surround sound is Kingston’s own technology and offers excellent clarity. The microphone is good and the sound card cancels external noise and echo. It also increases the volume of incoming chat if the game is loud. There are plenty of microphone features that are useful for communicating during multiplayer gaming.

Recommended For:

  • Most top gaming platforms, such as Desktops; Mac; PS4; Xbox One. Suitable for multi-player gaming.
  • Those who want a well-designed headset with good overall sound quality, without fancy features like active noise cancellation or wireless connection, at a decent price.
  • Suitable if you are looking for a top quality gaming headset that works with different devices and is affordable.
  • Mostly recommended for video games, but also suitable for watching movies and listening to music.


If you are the kind of guy who loves the latest hot gadgets or recent technology, this list of cool gadgets is perfect for you. Finding the right electronic gadget or gift for men is not always easy. There are endless lists of smart home accessories, earphones, gaming accessories, you name it! Check out this list whether you want to get ready for the holiday season or just buy an anniversary or birthday gift for all types of men, sports enthusiasts; gamers; or just a gadget using the latest technology.

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