Best Cheap Tablets To Buy In 2021

Summary –   Buying a tablet can get a bit tricky if you don’t do your research properly. The market is flooded with plenty of cheap but low-quality products, making


Buying a tablet can get a bit tricky if you don’t do your research properly. The market is flooded with plenty of cheap but low-quality products, making it easy for the unsuspecting consumer to get ripped off. Like any other technology-based products, tablets are available for purchase based on the number and type of features they provide. The trick is to find the one that fits your specific needs.

If you go for the best tablets in the market today, be prepared to burn your wallet because pretty much nothing will be left in it anyways. If you don’t have that kind of money to spare, do not fret because there are some great products at affordable rates too. They may not have the same technology offered by the expensive ones, but they do a great job nonetheless.

Are you looking for the best tablet on a budget to play games, read, or watch your favorite movies, TV shows and also it should be the one to carry with you everywhere? There are many great tablets available these days, and while many are expensive, there are some really great ones that come in the affordable price ranges. Here is a list of some of the best cheap tablets.

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Best cheap tablets

The Best Value Cheap Tablet on the Market Today

Huawei MediaPad M3 8

Huawei MediaPad M3 8

The Huawei MediaPad M3 8 is one of the best tablets you can get for its price in today’s market. What makes it such a great deal isn’t a single feature, but a culmination of different aspects from its size, weight to its battery, and sound.

The tablet comes with an impressive 8.4-inch display screen and a slim aluminum body frame that feels light and practical, yet stylish. But it isn’t just about the looks because the Huawei MediaPad M3 8 also packs a punch, power-wise with its 4GB RAM and a 2.3 GHz processor. It is available in a 32 GB internal memory variant as well as a 64 GB one.

Its display offers great sharpness and vivid colors making it perfect for watching movies and other digital content. The audio, in particular, is impressive. The speakers are surprisingly loud considering the size of the tablet and make watching or listening to content immersive and enjoyable.

What makes it stand apart?

  • Light to carry around
  • Great sound

Cheap Tablet for Big Screen Lovers

Fire HD 10

Fire HD 10

The Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet is perfect for users who love to view content on big screens with its 10.1-inch display and 1920×1200 resolution. It hosts the Fire OS and a quad-core CPU with a storage option of 32 GB / 64 GB.  It weighs about 17 oz making it rather bulky to carry around. However, it is a small price to pay for the massive display screen that you get. Moreover, this tablet has one of the largest screens you can get for this price point.

In many ways, this product is far superior to the Amazon Fire HD 10 which released in 2015. The latter was plagued with many issues such as sluggish performance and bad screen resolution. The Amazon Fire HD (2017) tablet has remedied most of these problems and has an exceptional price point making it a great affordable tablet.

The battery life is pretty solid too with 10 hours of usage from a single full charge. Moreover, it takes only 5 hours for the device to go from zero charge to full charge. You can watch a movie on full HD with maxed brightness, volume and you will end up losing only 15 % of the charge which is pretty neat.

What makes it stand apart?

  • Big 10 inch display screen
  • Good battery life, decent performance, and affordable

The All Rounder Cheap Tablet

Lenovo Tab 4 Plus, 8”

Lenovo tab 4 Plus 8

Tablets have an interesting history from the perspective that they offered an alternate option for laptops. In the market today, you have either super expensive tablets or extraordinarily cheap ones. While cheap products may have been considered to be ineffective in the past, it is not so black and white in the present. The Lenovo Tab 4 Plus 8 is a prime example of a cheap tablet that has great potential.

The Lenovo tab 4 plus 8” comes with 2 GB of RAM, 16 GB storage, an 8-inch display, Snapdragon chipset, and a 4850 mAh battery making it one of the best all-rounder tablets you can get today for affordable prices. Its dual-facing speakers offer great sound for digital content and its powerful processor makes it perfect for performance-intensive tasks.

Its metal and glass exterior may not make it the best-looking device but it sure is handy to carry around. If you are someone who travels a lot and looking for a high-performance tablet to carry around, then this is the device for you.

What makes it stand apart?

  • High performance, great audio, and affordable pricing
  • Decent camera, good battery life, and light to carry

The Cheap Tablet That Runs For a Long Time

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

Lenovo Yoga Tab 3

As strange as it sounds, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is a device that shouldn’t be underestimated. It has an 8-inch display, 1.3 GHz Quad-Core Qualcomm APQ8009 CPU, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB storage and an 8 MP camera. The camera actually rotates 180 degrees allowing you to create interesting and creative content.

Performance-wise, the Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 is no beast. However, it does a decent job of running your applications and games. The strength of this device is not in its performance but in its battery life. If you love binge-watching TV shows and movies, this is the perfect tablet for you. On a single charge, it can run for nearly 15 hours which is insane considering how inexpensive it is.

As far as the design is concerned, the tablet is a bit chunkier than other similar small screen devices. The front side is covered in glossy black, whereas the backside features a dark grey textured plastic surface and a metallic kickstand at the bottom.

What makes it stand apart?

  • Excellent battery life (up to 15 hours on a single charge)
  • Built-in Kickstand, affordable and perfect for multimedia content consumption

The Cheapest Best Tablet You Can Buy

Amazon Fire 7

Amazon Fire 7

The Amazon Fire 7 is a tablet unlike any other due to its outrageous price. Weighing about 10 oz, it has the Fire OS, a 7-inch display screen, 1.3 GHz Quad-Core chip, 8 GB/16 GB storage, and a 2 MP rear camera. It’s somewhat unbelievable to think that you can get all this in a tablet for under $50, but that’s the main USP of this product.

One of the best features of this tablet is Amazon’s own personal assistant, Alexa. From asking her to play music to inquiring about the news, you will get what you want within seconds.  Another notable feature is the dual-band Wi-Fi which allows you to connect with both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz Wi-Fi bands. Hence you have more options at your disposal when it comes to internet browsing speeds.

In all fairness, it isn’t the most powerful or the biggest or the cheapest tablet out there, but it is a great product for its price point. If you’re looking for an inexpensive tablet for casual use, then this one is the perfect device for you.

What makes it stand apart?

  • Amazingly cheap
  • Decent performance for its price, dual-band Wi-Fi capability

Other models worth buying

Best Cheap Tablet For Gaming Experience

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 2

This tablet has come to make the gamers happy with its excellent performance. Available at reasonable ranges around £200, it is featured with a 10.1inch screen of 1920 x 1200 IPS display, microSD card slot, and front-firing Dolby stereo speakers. Its cylindrical edge has successfully changed the look to be the best among the rivals. Also packed with a flexible kickstand is another attractive addition to this tablet. If you are planning to have the best cheap tablets for gaming, this could be a great choice for that.

Best Cheap Tablet From Lenovo

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 3 comes with the affordable price – $152.99 on Amazon. With its great battery, pretty good build-quality, 8-inch display, 1 GB RAM Memory, 16 GB flash memory (storage is expandable with microSD card, up to 128 GB) and nice design, this tablet offers a really enjoyable experience. It comes with a built-in kickstand that works in for ways (stand, tilt, hold and hang), which is great for those who are looking for an affordable tablet to watch YouTube videos, movies, and TV shows. 

Best Budget Tablet From Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Samsung Galaxy Tab A falls on the list of the best budget tablets that are really worth having in such a low price range starting at $229. This 8-inch tablet is loaded with a user-friendly TouchWiz interface and various fun software perks. The memory storage can be extended by an SD card that supports up to 128 GB. Overall, this is a tablet that is really lightweight, thin, and compact in size.

Best Cheap Tablet From ASUS

Asus Transformer Pad TF103

If you are planning to get something that has the touches of both laptop and tablet, Asus Transformer Pad TF103 is a perfect option. It has a removable keyboard dock for easy typing. The 10.1-inch screen with a resolution of 1280×800 is good enough to get all jobs done comfortably. The quad-core Intel Atom Z3745 processor makes the performance excellent.

The Bottom Line

Tablets have been here for quite some time now and they will be staying for a long time. It provides all the basic benefits of a laptop while improving on the portability aspect. However, the market doesn’t have much of a middle ground in terms of price. Either you get the incredibly expensive ones with the latest tech/features, or you get the low-end ones with basic functionality capability. Though one might be inclined to think that cheap means inferior quality, nothing could be further from the truth. The lower end tablets offer amazing functionality for their price while being able to appeal to a broader consumer audience. With a wide array of affordable options available today, you can find the perfect cheap tablet for your specific needs.

So, these are some of the best cheap tablets you can buy. All these tablets come in a very affordable range while the feature and spec they include are great. Most of the tablets have a screen size of 6-inch t0 10-inch that makes them easy to carry anywhere you go.

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