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Best Cases For OnePlus 5

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OnePlus 5 is no doubt one of the most impressive offerings for smartphone users. Equipped with a top quality aluminum build, great camera, extraordinary performance, and the finest design, this phone is an incredible buy. Therefore, if you are ready to buy this phone or already have one, you must also think about getting a premium quality case to protect your device from scrapes, scuffs, and breaks. Below are some of the best cases for OnePlus 5.

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16 Best Cases For OnePlus 5

Best Case For OnePlus 5 With Rugged Design And Excellent Security Options

SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Case

Are you looking for a case for your OnePlus 5 that has feel and appearance that is more rugged? The SUPERCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro case offers complete front and backside security for your OnePlus 5 device. It offers excellent access to all buttons, ports, and controls without having to remove the case. It is also a great shock-resistant case. The dual-layer design of this case comprises of PC tough shell and pliant TPU that provides great security against unintentional falls, smashes, and shocks. Front cover of the case has integrated screen protector that helps in preventing scratches and that too without sacrificing the sensitivity of the screen.

It also has port covers that stop the unwelcome dust and debris from getting into the phone. In addition, this hard case can be snapped into belt clip holster placed on the side of the case. It can twist around 360 degrees, offering great carrying convenience while working, traveling or playing. This SUPERCASE has a slim and sporty design that is available in multiple options giving a very trendy and stylish appearance to your phone.

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Great Case For OnePlus 5 With Dual Cover Design

OtterBox Achiever Series OnePlus 5 Case

Otterbox OnePlus5 case is one of the most popular cases for OnePlus 5. Otterbox is known for making some very resilient cases with great protection features. The Achiever series case comes with a dual-cover design with internal layer built with soft flexible material as a shock absorber and outer layer prepared with a hard shell, which works as a frame to the case. Although it does add a substantial amount of weight on your phone, it also delivers a weighty protection.

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Best Case With Excellent Protection Feature

TUDIA Merge Heavy Duty Case

If you are looking for a case for your OnePlus 5 that offers protection, but isn’t bulky, then TUDIA Merge Heavy Duty Case is a great option for you. It has been built with a top quality dual-layer design, with an inner layer made of a soft rubber inner layer and the outer layer made of a tough shell for firmness. The inner layer with upturned edge covers all the edges of your phone protecting it from inadvertent drops.

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Best Case With Premium Quality And Light Weight Design

OnePlus 5 Official Protective Case

This case has been designed by the phone company itself. This will not add much weight to your phone. It can provide you phone some protection against slight drops and scrapes. If you are looking for shock resistant case, you can look for some other options. Nevertheless, this case has a very impressive quality.

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Best Case For OnePlus 5 With A Drop Protection Feature up to 11 ft

RhinoShield Crashguard Bumper

RhinoShield Crashguard Bumper has been designed to protect your phone from the bends and frame. It is compatible with One Plus5 and has precise cuts for all buttons, ports, and camera. Its polycarbonate matte finishing enhances the grip and delivers a durable performance for protecting your phone from the scratches. Featuring a hybrid structure that is built from hard and soft polycarbonate, this case offers a great drop protection of up to no less than 11 feet. It is a very lightweight and flexible case, which does not add much weight to your device.

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Excellent Case For OnePlus 5 With Double Tough Coating

Ringke Fusion Case

Ringke Fusion Case has been impeccably designed to safeguard and bring out the magnificence of your OnePlus 5. It delivers great protection because of its innovative double payer tough coating. It enhances the overall appeal of the phone but with an only minimal addition of weight. Its premium quality soft and flexible edges easily encase all corners of the phone and protect it against daily use scrapes. Its dual active covering comprises of inner corner cushions to protect the phone from shocks and breaks. In addition, this case offers excellent grip for the user and is available in multiple colors.

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Best Cheap Case With Excellent Grip

Vinve TPU case

Vinve TPU case is highly compatible with OnePlus 5. It has been built from high-quality carbon fiber TPU material. It helps in protecting your phone from scrapes, dust, and falls. Designed in a unique style, this case allows the users to have effortless access to all buttons, ports, camera, and controls on the phone without interfering with the performance of the phone.

You can also enjoy a superior grip and can easily hold the phone, without worrying about phone slipping from your hand. Its discreet wiredrawing design makes the phone look elegant and stylish and your fingers do not leave any prints behind, spoiling its appearance. This case is one of the best cases for OnePlus 5.

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One Of The Best Case For Oneplus 5 With Light Weight Design


The TUDIA TAMM case is another revolutionary lightweight OnePlus 5 case. It comprises of a tough and flexible casing. Build with top quality TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane) rubberized gel silicone, this TUDIA case is tremendously resilient and provides a very soft and effortless grip for the OnePlus 5 users. Its exclusive design is highly compatible with the OnePlus 5 and allows the users to have comfortable access to all buttons, ports, and controls without any need to take out the case. In addition, the raised edges of the case help in protecting the phone screen from unnecessary scrapes or scratches when the phone is placed face down.

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Best Case With Advanced Technology To Offer Great Protection

Nillkin Frosted Shield

The Nillkin Super Frosted Shield case has been designed for Oneplus 5. This case has a noticeable design, is resistant to wear, and is quite easy to clean. It uses the cutting-edge UV painting technology, which makes this case unaffected by dirt or dust. You can enjoy its comfortable touch and elegant exterior, which can ultimately enhance the appearance of your phone.  In addition, it is a polycarbonate case with a soft touch matte finishing. You get a superior grip and can be very useful for those who feel metal build of the OnePlus 5 is very slippery.

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One Of The Best Case For OnePlus 5 With a Premium Look

DUX DUCIS Folio Flip Leather Case

THE DUX DUCIS Folio case has been built with synthetic PU leather. It gives a great sense of touch and the soft coating on the internal side helps in keeping the display free from any kind of scrapes. Its unique design delivers a full body protection for your OnePlus 5 phone. It comes with perfect cut-outs, wonderful artistry and workmanship, easy access to all ports and buttons.

The folio case also comprises of a cut-out for the camera on the backside and for the earpiece on the front, so that you can speak on the phone without opening the front cover. In addition, this case has an embedded magnetic fastener that firmly locks the case, and the magnetized front of the cover can stick to the back of the phone.

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Best Case With Multi-Purpose Feature

Poetic Nubuck Credit Card Case

Poetic Nubuck Credit Card Case is made of finest quality. It has been built with excellent quality TPU shell and superior perforated PU leather. With its slim design, you can easily fit your phone in your bag or pocket. This case is also equipped with incorporated credit card holder that can store up to two cards. In addition, it also has the pull-tab design merges flawlessly with the case when cards are stored and provides easy access to your credit cards. While the main reason to buy a case is to protect your phone against breaks and falls, this case offers many other functions as well. This case gives a very stylish and neat look to your OnePlus 5 phone.

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Best Slim Case For OnePlus 5

Spigen Ultra Hybrid

If you want to buy a slim clear case for your OnePlus 5, Spigen Ultra Hybrid is no doubt a great choice for high-level protection for your OnePlus 5. Spigen Ultra Hybrid is a slim case with hybrid construct features. Its frame acts as shock absorber and its backside is resistant to colors. One of the biggest advantages of buying this case is that it has exact cut-outs for quick access to all the buttons, ports, and controls without removing the case.

With its raised edges, this case provides additional protection for your display screen and camera. In addition, all the corners of this phone get high protection with Air Cushion Technology.

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Rugged Case Available In Multiple Colors


It is highly compatible with OnePlus 5. Built with dual-layer design, TUDIA OMNIX is a combination of the finest quality Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) rubberized gel coating on the outer layer. It helps in absorbing the shock and protect the phone from drops and breaks. It has a front cover made of polycarbonate plastic and in-built screen protectors so that you can get trim, lightweight and form-fitting fortification for your OnePlus 5.

This case has entirely enclosed front screen protectors that help in protecting the phone display from possible scrapes when the phone is put face down. In addition, this case has precisely cut cut-outs perfectly matching with the size and place of all buttons, ports, and controls, which allows a very convenient access to the speakers, camera, speakers, microphone, and phone charging port. You can use it all without removing the case.

Its Snap-On design helps in easily fit your phone into the case. Also, this TUDIA case is available in multiple colors and you can choose the one that suits your taste and style.

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