Phones have continually evolved in features and design over time. A phone developed in 2005 is completely different from the one developed in 2018. Its complexity, work that it can handle and design have been improved to meet the ever growing demands of the communication technology. In this era, a phone is not only expected to be a bank and a communication device. It is expected to be smart enough to plan our calendar and keep our memories through talking of pictures. The recent wave of selfies have seen the mobile providers struggle to provide the best lens for both photos and selfies. With smartphones sales rising every year, we were tempted to look at the best smartphone cameras that the users rated. We also looked at the ones that were bought in mass numbers due to the best camera it had. We found out the following topping the list.

The main features that were being looked at are megapixels, resolution, aperture, ability to take good photos in low light situation and image quality.

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List Of Best Camera Smartphone In 2018

15Apple iPhone 7 Plus

This was the first phone to have dual 12mp cameras at the back of the phone. The first camera is used to capture the image at the wider angular lens and the other one to be used to minimize noise and make the photo clearer. Photos produced by this phone are excellent and have been used by some to take YouTube videos and record musical videos.

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14Google Pixel XL

This one obtained 12.3 MP without affecting resolution status. It stands at2.0. Coupled with electronic image stabilizer, it also has phase detection and laser autofocus. The front camera has 8mp with f 2.4. it ranked the second best in image quality. It was maintained even when zoomed.

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13LG G5

This is the second phone to give two cameras at the back, iPhone was the first. LG tried to copy it and managed to bring it out slightly. Armed with 16mp /1.2 and 8mp/2.4 front camera, it also has image optimization properties for the photos taken at wide angle. You can zoom to get clearer pictures without any problem.

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12Motorola Moto Z

It has a good dual tone flash that can take 13mp of the photo. Its resolutions stand at 1.8. It also comes with laser autofocus. The front camera has 5.5 mp with a focus of 2.2. Excellent photos are what you get with this phone.


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11Samsung Galaxy S7 And S7 Edge

Samsung decided to increase the number of MPs from 5 to 12 MP in the Samsung Galaxy S7. It comes with a great aperture of 1.9 and 1.7 respectively. They upgraded the 2mp front camera to 5mp. They also included an image optimizer that stabilizes the image in case the hands are shaky. This was received well by the users and has seen their sales soar up. It is the best performing phone in the Samsungs shops right now.

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10Huawei P9

This smartphone is one of the great phones out there that have the best camera ever tested. Developed in conjunction with the German manufacturer, the cameras deliver a quality photo that you may not associate with the 12MP resolution and 2.2 apertures. The phone also included an important feature where you can adjust the shutter speed. You can adjust the white balance on the background as well.

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9HTC 10

Created by ultra technology, this one sacrificed resolution in exchange for megapixels. This adversely affected the image quality when it was enlarged but they were quick to work on it by replacing it with 1.8 apertures that now enhances motion and autofocus. It has since regained its glory as the best phone with the excellent camera in HTC Company.

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8Sony Xperia XZ

It is the latest in the long line of Xperia cameras. With 23mp/f 2.3, it comes with electronic image stabilization and produces awesome background on the photo. The front camera has 13mp/f2.2 and boasts of LCD display.

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7Nexus 6P

This one specializes in low light performance and has impressive night shots. It is one of the rare Android phones that can successfully take a great shot at night. The dual flash it offers too makes images look natural. The photo it produces at night especially under the moonlight is awesome.

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6Lenovo Moto G4 Plus

Many people never thought Lenovo could produce such awesome smartphones that have got good cameras as well. Lenovo moto proved them wrong to display a strong 16mp camera that has rear sensor and megapixels of 2.0.  The front camera is 5mp/f 2.2 does not disappoint.

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5Nexus 5X

Its main sensor is so identical to the Lexus that was produced in 2015. At 12.3mp, it has a large pixel than that of iPhone 6. Taking photos is easy and delivers good results especially on the low-light performance.

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4Asus Zenfone 3 Deluxe

It is the first in his family to come up with a 23MP rear camera. With the smart sensor of imx318, Asus takes clear and crisp photos. It offers the camera in a variety of HDR pro and manual beautification. The 4 k recording feature is also included.

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3Nubia Z11

It has a 16MP rear camera with f 2.2 aperture that comes with PDAF. With the dual lens, it comes with image specialization. One feature that makes it stand out though is the electronic aperture that enables users to choose from different sizes of the aperture. Shutter speeds can also be adjusted.

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2Xiaomi MI 5

MI5 leads with a dual led flash, phase detection, 16MP and auto focus. PDAF boosts the speed while offering more stability of videos. The front camera produces great photos too.

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1One Plus 3T

One thing that pushes competitors to the bar in this one is the way in which the camera has been manipulated to bring out more naturalness. It can also be manually adjusted to get the best looking images, especially in lowlight conditions.

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The above phones are in the category of the best camera smartphone in 2018 and most of them had similar characteristics when it comes to cameras. The competition is so stiff that we can just sit back and choose the one that suits us the best.

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