In a modern and complex world of computing, with different types of gadgets and devices around, you need to optimize your purchase of any new devices so that it is good enough to align with any other similar devices already present in your home. And keyboards are no different. If you are looking for the best Bluetooth keyboards in 2018 that you think of updating your home or office with, then we have a suitable list of these which might be of good help for you. These being some of the most sophisticated multi-device and cheapest keyboards to buy in 2018, they are generating tremendous attention from the tech-savvy community and people who like gadgets.

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List of best Bluetooth keyboards in 2018


Multi-device Bluetooth Keyboard from Logitech

9Logitech K380

This is perhaps one of the best Bluetooth keyboards available under the price tag of $50 because of its compactness, comfort feel & ability to flawlessly switch between maximum three paired devices as well a very long battery life. The ergonomics of this keyboard is such that it is not putting extra strain on your wrists and the best part is it is neither too big nor too heavy. Hence, making it suitable to carry around. The keys being round and comfortable are very satisfying to press. And the slightly convex shape of the keys is meant for long typing sessions.

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Best Bluetooth Keyboard from iPazzPort

8iPazzPort XBMC KP-810-21SBL

This is the best Bluetooth keyboard that you may find, which can be used to control both your Smart TV and PC just sitting back on your sofa, without the necessity to move around much. It can even be used to control your home theater [Media center] wirelessly on your couch and can be used to surf the internet, input texts, play games all in with replacing the need to use several remotes for doing all these activities. The best feature of this keyboard is that it has the backlit for ease of operation in the dark or lowly lit rooms.

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Best Bluetooth keyboards in 2018 with switchability from Kensington

7Kensington KP400

This is one of those truly multi-faceted keyboards that come with a switching button to quickly transform a traditional wired USB keyboard on your laptop to a wireless Bluetooth one to your laptop, tablet or even your smartphone and allowing you the freedom to connect to a variety of devices. Keeping pace with that flexibility, the keyboard allows you to use a detachable wire connection for a USB power source as well as to use the battery power for pairing wirelessly over Bluetooth for a real mobile experience. It is a six-row full-size keyboard which includes the numeric pad and shows no compromise with productivity. It is featuring the plug and play option for USB and is compatible with Windows, Bluetooth tablets, and Android smartphones.

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Bluetooth Keyboards with folding option from iClever


This is the award-winning best seller under keyboard category in Computer Accessories for its portability and light weightiness, along with many other amazing features. It is compatible with iOS, Windows And Android operating systems, having a broadcom Bluetooth module which enables it to connect as far 10m. This keyboard is made out of aircraft grade aluminum alloy texture which provides it excellent durability. It has sleep mode & auto power off modes for the conservation of its rechargeable battery.

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Logitech Bluetooth Keyboards with Solar Power

5Logitech K750

It is a completely solar-powered Bluetooth keyboard with no hassles of battery, so much so that any source of light keeps it powered for up to three months in total darkness! The design it has is ultra thin with just ⅓ Inch of thickness. It has a Mac layout with some very useful launchpad keys, placed exactly where you want them to be. With Logitech’s concave key cap design, the feel-good, quiet and faster typing will always be a strong point for this keyboard. Lastly, the small unifying receiver of Logitech stays in your system and enables you to connect to a plethora other devices when the need be.

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Bluetooth Keyboard with 360 Degree Rotatable keyboard Case


This is actually a keyboard case which combines a wireless Bluetooth keyboard taking the help of its built-in 360 degrees rotating stand, specially designed for iPad Mini 4 tablets and has access to all the features and ports of the same. The most exciting feature of this Bluetooth keyboard is its multi-angle adjustment along with its 360-degree rotation for all the visual requirements. Its design is sleek and ultra slim and is so lightweight, it assures easy portability. The keyboard is USB powered, so need to attach any batteries. It has a maximum operating range of 10m, so the tablet can be used even when detached from the keyboard case. This comes with a lifetime guarantee, which is always a plus.

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Bluetooth Keyboard with Touchpad from QQ-Tech & Seenda

3QQ-Tech & Seenda IS11-BT05

This is one of the most accepted Bluetooth keyboards with a touchpad, featuring a quick to respond QWERTY keyboard. It has a handy keyboard shortcut to navigate across iOs, Windows and Android OS. The device has elegant look, highly portable and is equipped with a backlight as well as multi-touch navigation wirelessly. It also has built-in rechargeable battery with auto sleep/wake for battery conservation.

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Bluetooth Ultra Slim  Keyboard for tablet & Smart Phone


This is a lightweight, compact and cross-compatible Bluetooth keyboard with very low power consumption, lasting about 3 months on power saving mode and having a space for 2 AAA batteries. This is almost 30% smaller than most other traditional keyboards. This ultra sleek ergonomics allow you to have a comfortable and quiet typing experience up to a range of about 30 feet, thanks to the wireless Bluetooth connection. It comes with a 18-month warranty period with good after sales support.

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Amazon Basics Bluetooth Keyboard for Andriod Devices


This Bluetooth keyboard is specifically built for Amazon  Kindle Fire HD 8.9In and all Android 3+ tablets or smartphones. It has a tilt design which provides comfortable typing ergonomically and avoids any form of strain. This helps you keep your workspace clutter-free and enables seamless synchronization with all of your different devices as and when needed. It also features “scissor-switch” keys, which are placed so that they can provide tactical feedback which in turn helps to increase the speed of typing and also the accuracy with which something is typed. Also, it comes with a 1- year Amazon warranty, which can be very handy just in case there is some problem after purchase.

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These are some of the best Bluetooth keyboards available in the market in 2018. These include most of the features that an average Bluetooth keyboard should have and they also have a great functionality in terms of portability, compatibility, connecting wirelessly keeping the workspace clutter-free and switching between multiple devices flawlessly, consuming minimum power, consuming less space. You will find that most of these Bluetooth keyboards are compatible with Windows, iOS as well as Android devices according to your choice.

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