Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

Summary –   Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S9 has already kicked off and is doing great. It is one of the top phones and is already outshining many other smartphones


Samsung’s latest flagship Galaxy S9 has already kicked off and is doing great. It is one of the top phones and is already outshining many other smartphones in the market. If you own an S9 you definitely want to improve the experience by using the right accessories. Here is a list of the best accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S9.  So, have a read.

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List of Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

Wireless Chargers

Wireless charging is a boon and the thought of going cable-free itself is pretty exciting. S9 has been enabled to support wireless charging. Here are some top wireless chargers that you can buy for your smartphone.

Best Wireless Charger For Galaxy S9 With Excellent Protect Technology

Yootech Wireless Charger

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

This wireless charger from Yootech is enabled with Intelligent Protect Technology. It offers the prevention of short circuits and temperature control. So your phone charges efficiently while the system is cool and surge protection. The smart indicator lights up green for 3 seconds as the charger is connected to a power source. You can confirm that your phone is placed perfectly for charging when the LED indicator is on for 16 seconds. Once the phone is placed,  the light turns off and continues to do so during the charging process. Yootech offers 18 months money back or replacement warranty to its customers.



Fastest And Cheapest But Excellent Looking Charger

Seneo Wireless Charger

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

You get to choose from three color options if you opt for the Seneo wireless charger. The charger comes in a beautiful oval shape. You can place your phone for charging on its pad vertically or horizontally. The company gives a lifetime warranty on this charger while offering 1.4 times faster charging compared to other wireless chargers. The charger has been designed at an angle so you get a perfect view to watch videos, answer calls or play games hands-free. When connected to power sources the LED shows a blue light while the light is green when you place your phone on the pad. The LED light is quite dim and will not disturb you when you put it on charge at night.



VR Gear

With a display of 2960 x 1440 pixels and a density of 570 pixels/inch, the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S9 is perfect to be used with VR.

One Of The best VR Headset for Samsung Galaxy S9

Samsung Gear VR Controller

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

You can now enjoy videos, movies, games, and even browse web pages through the lens of this VR controller. The Gear VR is powered by Oculus. Once it connected to your S9 you can enjoy 3D and 2D content through it. You can also browse websites and even connect it to Bluetooth game controllers along with your mobile for an immersive experience. Included in this package is a touch controller using which you can navigate. The Gear VR has been designed exclusively for Galaxy devices. All you need is an Oculus account and app to begin your experience with it. It happens to be one of the coolest accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S9.



Phone Case

Galaxy S9 is an expensive phone and you definitely don’t want scratches on your phone. Here are some smart protective shells for your smartphone.

Simple Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

AEDILYS Samsung Galaxy S9 Case

If you want to provide proper protection to your Galaxy S9 but you are looking for a simple and clear case, you will love this one. It is not bulky, it is sleek, and it fits great. This case is designed with shock-absorbing Air-Guard corners that will protect your smartphone from all the impacts including drops. The case is designed in such a way that clarity won’t be sacrificed. it is flexible, it looks great, and the most important thing is that it feels great. You will be able to showcase the original look of your device, and at the same time, the phone will be properly and completely protected. In addition, the case is affordable. 


Rugged Yet Modish Looking Case For Galaxy S9

VRS Full Body Protective Armour

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

This is one of the unique designs a phone case can have. A rugged yet modish look; this phone case from VRS does more than just safeguarding your smartphone. Created with materials that are shock absorbent and helps in protecting your S9 from all types of drops, falls, or sudden impacts. The Air Cushion technology featured in this case is what helps in keeping your mobile safe from hard impacts. The ports can be easily accessed through the cut-outs. The button covers are made from TPU material so they respond instantly to your touch. There is a built-in storage space that you can flip open and store your credit or debit cards.



Best Case To Offer The Utmost Protection

Spigen Tough Armor Galaxy S9 Case

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

Spigen is known to produce some of the best mobile accessories. This case has been exclusively designed for Galaxy S9. The graphite grey color available in this model has a flawless look. It comes with Air Cushion technology and double protection so it can take all the impacts in times of accidental drops or falls. It has a slim look and has been created to fit closely on your device. So you can easily slide it into your pocket without being uncomfortable. The built-in kickstand has been designed cleverly and can hardly be noticed. You can enjoy video calls or watch movies and videos while being hands-free. The corners have been reinforced with Mil Grade Protection for extra protection against accidental drops.




Screen Guard

The beauty of the display of a smartphone shouldn’t be hampered by scratches. Screen guards protect your phone from scratches and cracks in case of sudden falls. Screen guards add to the life of your phone. Here are some screen guards that ensure the safety of your mobile screen.

One Of The Screen Guard For Galaxy S9

ArmourSuit Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

Like its name, this screen guard from ArmourSuit protects the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S9. It has been laser cut according to the shape of the S9 and matches the curves and corners of your phone. You get crystal clear viewing through this thin yet secure screen guard. It is stain-resistant and scratch proof so you don’t have to worry about yellow stains or keeping it in your handbag. It also features Military Shield technology so any minor scratches that you get on it are eliminated automatically. Fingerprint smudges could be annoying but the ArmourSuit screen guard doesn’t seem to sustain any fingerprints, dust, or oil on it – you simply get superior quality HD viewing through it. You get a Lifetime Replacement Warranty on this screen guard.



Cheap And Best Protected Screen Guard For Galaxy S9

LK Samsung Galaxy S9 Screen Protector

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

The LK screen guard which has been designed for S9 is touch-sensitive and offers HD viewing. The screen guard doesn’t hamper the touch sensitivity of your phone and works naturally. The clarity through the screen is perfect and the resolution is experienced at its maximum. This screen guard is also case friendly and can be used in any case. It has been made of PET and flexible TPU material and offers full coverage of your phone’s display including the curved edges. It has been precisely cut so the sensors are not blocked. The screen guard is scratch resistant and will protect the display of your phone from any sudden impacts. Installing it on the mobile screen is easy. There is no spray required to set the screen guard and the bubble-free adhesive helps it set on the screen easily. When you need to take it off there is no residue left on the screen. There are three screen guards that you get in this pack along with a lifetime warranty.



Earphones & Earbuds

With earphones, you can go hands-free while taking calls especially when you are driving or doing some work. Music and videos are best enjoyed through them. Here are some of the best ones for your Galaxy S9.

Best Earbud With Crystal Clear Sound Quality

Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Best Accessories For Samsung Galaxy S9

These lightweight wireless earbuds are a joy to your ears. The sound-insulating material it has been created from helps in minimizing all types of external noise. It also prevents the sound of your mobile from leaking out. The result is extremely wonderful and one of the most useful accessories for the Samsung Galaxy S9.  You get to hear crystal clear sound especially when you are listening to your favorite music. The ear hook is adjustable and can rotate 180° as you adjust it within your ears. It features Bluetooth 4.1 which you can use to pair with your S9. The connection is perfectly stable even when you listen to it for a long time. In fact, you can connect two smartphones to it, managing your work and personal phone. The earbuds come with a 12-month money-back policy so if you are not satisfied with it you can always get back your money.





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