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Best iOS Third Party Keyboard with Swipe to Type Gesture 2

Best iOS Third Party Keyboard with Swipe to Type Gesture

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iOS 8 brought something new and exciting, that seemed impossible for the iPhone before. One of the features iPhone or iPad users were eager to see, were third party keyboard. If you own iPhone with iOS 8 or higher, and if you are a bit bored with the native iOS keyboard or if you want to try another feature on third party keyboard like swipe to type is, it’s the time to choose from so many swipe to type keyboards. You can download swipe to type keyboards from the App Store and to add it to the keyboard. It’s not difficult at all, and we have discussed it before.

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Let’s see some of the best iPhone third-party keyboards with swipe to gesture.

Best iOS third-party keyboards with swipe to gesture


Swiftkey keyboard

Swiftkey is very popular on the Android mobile operating system. It allows you to type the words by using a gesture swipe to type on the keyboard to form a word. Swiftkey has an ability to learn from the word you write, memorize every word you correct and give a proper auto-correct for the word you are going to type. Moreover, there is also Swiftkey cloud feature where you can sign in by using the Facebook account or Google account. When you are using the Swiftkey keyboard on a new device, just sign in and it will know our typing habit and the words that we usually choose.



Swype is a keyboard that brought swipe to type keyboard idea to the market for the first time, and it was introduced to Android. Once it was introduced it instantly became popular, because it was bought by a giant company in voice recognition field: Nuance. Swype presents some themes with feel clean concept on the keyboard, in line with the swipe to type concept idea where they didn’t have a border button for the purchased themes.

Swype as well as Swiftkey is able to adapt to your typing habits. Supported by multi-languages also tap and hold feature on the word that we’re going to correct, Swype will give us suggestion words.



Nintype became a very popular keyboard because it allows the users to type really fast. A demo shows that you can type 130 words per minute. It has some pretty cool features like a two-handed sliding keyboard that allows you to type with a swipe to type method with faster, split keyboard and alignment built in calculator and number access just by sliding to the right from the bottom right.

Top 5 Third Party Keyboards for your iPhone iOS 8


Minuum has brought feel clean to the iPhone, along with a great correction system and a built-in dictionary. Minuum offers a gesture feature on its keyboard. Gesture by swiping up to bring the full keyboard, swipe down for the minimal view and swipe left to delete, swipe right for space, swipe right twice to insert punctuation mark. Minuum also has shortcuts for a certain word, such as otw for on the way.


Fleksy is a keyboard which holds the Guinness world record as the fastest screen text message app. Fleksy may have a great engine prediction word and auto-correct. Fleksy has minimalist theme and custom size keyboard. Besides that, it also allows you to send gifs by adding extensions to it. Fleksy also has a one handed typing feature, which is suitable for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

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