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Uber is a ride-sharing app that was founded in 1999. It is based in San Francisco and since its launch, it is now available in 63 countries. Riders using the mobile app can easily download it on their Android and iOS devices before using it to get a ride.

Unfortunately, the company has not been without wrangles in the recent past, ultimately making its users look for other alternatives. Some of these complaints include poor treatment of the drivers by the company, displacing regular taxi drivers, and contributing to traffic thanks to the gradual influx of cars.

Since Uber, plenty of other taxi-hailing cabs have penetrated the market and acquired a loyal market of their own, giving Uber a run for their money.

Below are some of the alternatives to Uber that you can try out before deciding on a steady one.

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The Lyft app is available for both Android and iOS users to download on their devices. The rides are simple to book especially if you intend to make multiple stops; it’s simple to add more stops by just pressing the plus sign that’s next to the final address. When you share rides with other passengers traveling in your direction, you can save up to 60% on your cab fare.

When it comes to the price, Lyfts go for the same rate as Uber and sometimes even lower. The management also tends to be stricter in checking the backgrounds of their drivers to manage the safety of their passengers. Drivers who are consistently scoring poorly on their app ultimately get discharged and can no longer drive for the company.

And then, to ensure the safety of its passengers, the company provides liability insurance worth 1 million dollars.

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FREE NOW (formerly MyTaxi)

It prides itself in being ‘Europe’s largest taxi app’ with over 100, 000 drivers spread over 100 cities in 9 countries. It was formed when the UK taxi app Hailo and Europe taxi app MyTaxi merged in 2016. Unlike with Uber, taxis under this app are licensed making sure that users won’t be subjected to price hikes when there is a high demand, like during rush hour.

Otherwise, using it only requires a quick download and then summoning a taxi to your location.

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This app is based in South East Asia, specifically Malaysia. Additional countries include Vietnam, Singapore, and Indonesia. Grab currently has over 700,000 drivers in 6 countries and 39 cities. The app works by linking up passengers to their cabs. It also has different services some of which include a cab-hailing option as well as carpooling.

It might especially interest non-natives who frequently travel to Singapore for business.

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This taxi-hailing service is quite popular in India, so much so that it has established itself in Australia and London as well. One aim for them is to make sure that their drivers are treated well, making them completely different from Uber. Users have access to private drivers as well as black taxis.

The management has been lauded for its efforts to work together with local authorities as well as the government to help avert the mobility crisis. By learning from Uber’s mistakes and going in the opposite direction, Ola hopes to be a market leader soon. This is by putting their passengers first, thoroughly screening their drivers, sharing rides among passengers, and 24/7 customer support with emergency contacts. Overall, the company has been widely acknowledged for its quest to put their drivers first.

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This Israeli taxi-hailing app prides itself in offering standard prices as well as licensed drivers for their taxis. And like FREE NOW or MyTaxi, these taxi companies are keen not to take out price surges on their passengers or use questionable drivers. Unfortunately, as much as passengers may resent the price surges, drivers find them as an incentive to get on the road during rush hour, knowing that they’ll be compensated extra for sitting in traffic. That is usually a catch-22 for any taxi-hailing management app.

And although Gett is still relatively unknown in the UK, it’s still a strong competitor for Uber since it’s the only other ride service available in cities other than London. These cities include Manchester, Nottingham, Leeds, Newcastle, and Bristol among others.

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