Best SNES Mini Alternatives to Choose

Best SNES Mini Alternatives to Choose

Nintendo has released the SNES classic, a.k.a Super NES Mini. The pre-orders for the console have been through the roof. In case you wonder what you could do to own such a device, eBay might be your first choice or waiting for the official launch in September.

A second alternative, for those who are interested more on the games, rather than the device, other consoles might be a good alternative. The most famous games fans usually look for are Super Mario World, Super Castlevania IV, F-Zero, Super Mario Kart and Secret of Mana.

What could be your alternatives for other devices?

A first device worth mentioning is the Hyperkin Retron 5. This console offers the opportunity to play the SNES games in HD and accepts cartridges from several regions (America, Europe and Japan). The console also offer cheat codes, screen filters, state support and allows you to use your own SNES controllers. Moreover, this device allows you to use Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, Mega Drive, NES and Famicom cartridge slots. It is a great device in which you can play your favorite games and it is available on FunStock.

A second device is the Hyperkin SupaBoy S. This console can be found for an average price of 58.50 £ and it offers an LCD Screen. It supports games from Europe, Japan and North America and it is portable. The console has two ports on the front and it also has the option of transforming it into a house console with the TV-out capability. Its internal rechargeable battery lasts almost a day.

A minus for this portable console would be the fact that although it has an LCD screen, it is not a 4:3 aspect ratio screen. This implies that the image is a little stretched; therefore if visuals are very important to you, then you might prefer an official system like the 3DS. A big plus would be the fact that you can take this device with you anywhere. Forget about getting bored on a plane or a train!

Nvidia Shield TV is a good pick, even if it is not a console. The Android Tv box is able to emulate classic systems and on top you can even watch Netflix or Plex. The emulators found on Android can replicate SNES performance and with the help of Bluetooth pads, gamers can really enjoy the experience. A problem would be to get your hands on the games you are looking for, which is a bit tricky legally speaking.

The GPD XD is also Android based but it is portable. Also using emulation to play the SNES games the device looks quite similar to Nintendo’s 3DS XL. The internal hardware is not quite as powerful, the device comes at a much cheaper price of only 197 £.

Hamy NES is a good alternative also. The console allows gamers to enjoy SNES game in HD and it has standard definition AV output. The device even has the option of allowing you to use original pads or you can just enjoy playing with the ones included in the deal.

Considered by many the rival of Hyperkin Retron 5, the Cyber Gadget Retro Freak is a console which has multiple cartridge slots, it accepts multi cartridge types. This means the console accepts games belonging to different systems (Mega Drive, Game Boy, PC Engine, Famicom, Master System). It offers HD visuals but it does not come with an included console. The price is somewhere around 239 £ and then you might have to spend some more on the console.



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