Best Siri Tips and Tricks to Ease Your Commands

Siri can already be called a veteran when it comes to the AI assistant market, but it still has its fans nevertheless. Most iPhone and other Apple devices users can’t picture life without it already, but even if you’re a hardcore fan you may have still missed some key features. Here you have a brief list of tips and tricks that will make using Siri even easier than it was until now!

  1. Teach it about yourself.

It may already know a lot of things about yourself, but it doesn’t hurt to take advantage of it furthermore. For example, you can tell it to learn to pronounce your name if you have a more exotic one. Just say “Learn to pronounce…”. Moreover, you can make it associate a certain person with your mother/brother/cousin etc. Tell her, for instance, “Joan Smith is my mother”.

  1. Turning things on and off.

If you don’t want to spend much time using the phone, then you can order Siri to turn on/off your Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, do not disturb mode, airplane mode or the night shift. Moreover, you can adjust the screen brightness, the volume, and even adjust the language and the gender of Siri.

  1. Do things without touching the phone.

There are lots of useful things you can do with Siri, without even having to touch the phone. As such, you can tell it to open a certain app if you need it. Take a photo or a selfie and open the pics in the gallery you wish. Ask the assistant to call you an Uber or a Lyft ride, send money through PayPal and even look for some design inspiration on Pinterest. However, most people will prefer to use Siri for making calls and sending texts or emails in an easier manner.

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