The Best And New Windows Phone Shooter Games (From New and Rising)

If you are searching for the best Windows Phone Shooter Games titles, then you need to check out the New and Rising section in the Windows Phone Store. If you have a specific taste in games and want just that, you can tone down the results by those filters. In this post, we will be talking about the shooter games genre. These are often played as the first-person point of view where you have to blast through everything in sight to make it through the different levels of the game. There are also plenty games that offer the third person shooter where you control the character from an overhead view.

Here’s a roundup of the top rated Windows Phone shooter games from the New and Rising section of the Windows Phone Store. I personally like the games that have above average graphics, and so we will be focusing on them.

P.S: All these games are available for devices that have at least 512MB of memory (RAM).

The Best And New Windows Phone Shooter Games (From New and Rising)

Counter Strike: Global War

The Best And New Windows Phone Shooter Games (From New and Rising)

Of course, this is a first person shooter game (the whole world knows) that is available for the Windows Phone. The whole gameplay is spread across 30 levels. Here you have weapons upgrades and equipment that you can purchase within the game (in-game purchases) along with purchasing a new supply of ammunition for each new mission. If you are a pro at this game, then you surely will have some ammunition left over which will be added on to the next level. But then too you will have to restock to avoid being out of ammunition in the middle of a mission (remember, you’re not A-Team or Sylvester Stallone).

Once you’re inside the mission, you’ll find out that you have a fixed position from where you have to kill all the emerging enemies. And that’s your goal. On the screen, you will be seeing the total number of targets and the remaining targets along with your remaining health.

The gameplay is simple but it starts to get intense after a couple of missions.

Download Counter Strike: Global War for Windows Phone


Dino Escape: Jurassic Hunter

The Best And New Windows Phone Shooter Games (From New and Rising)

The story line of this game is pretty much similar to those dinosaur movies – you crash land on an island which in inhabited by the dinosaurs and they haven’t eaten anything for a long time so they all are after you, even the non-carnivorous dinosaurs.

The gameplay is arcade style where you control the player from over-his-head and make him run around the island, run away from dinosaurs and kill them when needed. On the screen you will find 2 controls – the first one is used to control the players’ movement and the second one is to fire a weapon. But that’s not the end of the story here. Dino Escape takes the storyline further by making you pass through missions, fight bosses, pickup those temporary powerups that will help you with tackling those dinosaurs.

The graphics aren’t too great that’ll bound hair out of your head, but they are pretty decent. The first thing I would like here is permanent powerups.

The problem in this game is that the controls aren’t too responsive. You can’t run in one direction and fire in another. This gives those dinosaurs the upper hand and leaves you in their digestive system. But overall, the game is pretty interesting and with a little bit of tuning, I wouldn’t be surprised to see in the best game.

Download Dino Escape: Jurassic Hunter for Windows Phone

Modern Combat 5: Blackout













This story-driven single player mode takes you all the way from Venice to Tokyo immersing you in fabulous graphics and a splendid gameplay. The MC5: Blackout is a lot more fun than any of its predecessors. You can do a lot of exploration from choosing a particular set of class to play from to doing a variety of stunts. And while you may enjoy all of this on your own, try the multiplayer mode for the fun of a completely different level. From squad battles to leader boards, there is so much that this game promises that it makes worth every single cent of the $6.99 that you pay for it count.

Download Modern combat 5: Blackout For Windows phone

Nova 3













After Kal Wardin defeated the Volterites, Kal has been lying low but four months later, a plea from Yelena brings him back to save Earth and protect humankind. The action-packed gameplay with a splendid storyline makes Nova 3 a favorite for many players. This free game comes with lots of fun in single player mode and the multiplayer mode is just as amazing.

Download Nova 3 for Windows Phone

Dead Trigger 2













If you were apprehensive about first person shooters on a mobile phone then download Dead Trigger 2 and you will find this immersive game making you forget that you ever had any apprehensions about FPS games working on mobile phones. The touch controls are precise and the game has been designed carefully to make it fun on your Windows phone.

Download Dead Trigger 2 for windows Phone

Overkill 3














This is a third person shooter game which can make many others mobile shooting games blush. The amount of action and the superb graphics will have you enjoy the game for hours on your Windows phone. The gameplay is awesome and there are lots of weapons to explore, Overkill 3 is designed to satisfy gamers.

Download Overkill 3 for Windows Phone

Dead Target – Zombie













A game set in the year 2040 when zombies roam the earth, Dead Target – Zombie is another shooter game which makes gaming so fun and enjoyable. Your goal is simple, you must make a way past the dead zombies which show no mercy if they catch you, and you must rescue agent M. Then you head towards the reinforcement location.

What about you?

What are your favorite games and top picks? We just focused on the New and Rising section of the Windows Phone Store, but there might be some great titles that are older which we skipped through. There is no conspiracy here. Do let us know which games are your favorite and if we missed something that should be added in the post.