Best Math,Business and Personal Android Apps

In this article, we will discuss the best math, business, and personal android Apps. Today, Android applications are becoming practical on our daily endeavours. A lot of developed apps made great changes with how people live. These apps transform our lifestyle into a more innovative and convenient living.

The continuous development of mobile apps makes it possible for everybody to manage personal, study, career and business errands efficiently and expediently. Here is the list that includes some of the best Android apps which include categories on business apps, entertainment apps, and math android apps.

Best Math,Business and Personal Android Apps

 Personal Android App

PassWallet – is an Android app designed to manage your passwords and safely stores it into your tablet or mobile phone. Some of its features include:

  • Stealth Access Mode capable of hiding the application.
  • Quick launch websites with automatic copying of passwords on the clipboard.
  • Built-in secure password generator.
  • Exports and imports data into CSV file format.
  • Sync data into various devices through Google Drive or Dropbox.


Math android apps

Calculus Course Assistant – is one of the best math android apps designed to be your best companion for your math assignments, especially in Calculus. The app helps you in a way of self-tutoring, not cheating. This app allows you to understand derivatives, integrals, and different calculus concepts.

Algebra Course Assistant – is also one of the most convenient free math android apps designed specifically to help you with algebra problems. It is a very good app as it helps you understand various Algebra concepts. Definitely, the app makes it easy for you to work on your math assignments and exams.

Wolfram Alpha  Wolfram Alpha covers a wide array of mathematical topics and concepts. The ease with which it presents your queries from calculations to statistics makes it one of the best mathematical apps that you can find. This Android app costs $2.99 and makes it worth the spend by helping you with a vast array of mathematical problems. In addition to this, Wolfram Alpha gives you formula details, graphical representations as well as precise explanations for the solutions provided by the app. We can hardly ask an app to do any more than that.

DragonBox Algebra 5+  If you want to make teaching fun for your children then download the DragonBox Algebra 5+. This app teaches your kids algebra by using simple logic, puzzles and games that help in strengthening the fundamentals of algebra. The app is designed for children who are 5 years old or more. The app has 10 chapters which take your children through 200 vividly designed puzzles which cover different aspects of algebra. The app cost $4.99 on the PlayStore.


Best Business App for Andriod 

SendHub: Business SMS – It is an app designed for business people. Some of its features include:

  • Free phone line in all area codes
  • Free text and call service
  • Text conferencing
  • Voicemail
  • Call transfer/call forwarding

AutoVoice – is one a super useful app, designed to control your android device through voice command or voice recognition. This way, you can easily lock your device. However, commands are limited to up to 4 characters only.


Cisco WebEx Meetings  With web conferences becoming the norm in almost every business organization, the Cisco WebEx Meetings app helps you join a web conference with the help of 2-way video and a camera switcher. You can send files using this app to discuss numbers from spreadsheets in real time. There are different plans that are available and you can look for the one that suits your business needs.


Best android app for recreation/Personal 

GoComics – if you love reading comics, this app is perfect for you. It contains various comic such as Garfield, Marmaduke, Peanuts, Doonesbury, and more.One of the best android app for fun and enjoyment.

TripIt  If you are a traveler, TripIt is a must-have travel app that makes travelling super simple and enjoying. You can organize and share travel itineraries easily.

The app ensures that you do not miss a flight or do not have to search for the hotel where the reservations are made. TripIt has the ability to recognize reservations from more than 3,000 booking sites. Whether it is a family trip or a solo getaway or a vacation with friends, TripIt makes sure that you enjoy your trip without having to worry about the hassles of organizing everything.