Best Lightweight Video Editing Software To Buy With The Lowest CPU Usage

Most of the video editing software usually has high system requirements. If you have a quite old PC or a low specs notebook, don’t you dare to install Adobe Premiere Pro CC or similar software. Otherwise, your device will crash, freeze, or worst, end up in the repair shop. If you want to have a video editing software without investing your money to buy a higher specs PC, you should try VideoProc from Digiarty Software. It’s one of the best lightweight video editing software with the lowest CPU usage. It’s designed for everyone. No advanced skill needed.

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Best Lightweight Video Editing Software With The Lowest CPU Usage

Before deciding to choose a video editing software to be installed on Mac or Windows PC, ask yourself what do you need exactly from the software? Do you really need advanced tools like a professional movie editor or just want to make your personal daily videos look stunning?

Lightweight System Requirements

A professional video editor should invest in a high specs computer to be able to install any video editing software they desire. However, if you are an amateur, hobbyist, or beginner who just needs tools for editing new clips for YouTube channels or social media, you don’t need to buy a new PC. Installing Adobe Premiere Pro CC or Vegas with a minimum of 8GB RAM as a requirement is really not necessary.  All you have to do is to find the best lightweight video editing software, like VideoProc.

When the Lightworks requires a 3GB of RAM as its minimum system requirement, VideoProc only needs 1GB (recommended 2GB) or higher. Both can run on Windows 7 PC or later, but the Lightworks can only run on macOS 10.9 (Maverick) or higher. VideoProc has a longer range. It can even run on macOS X Snow Leopard, which is a quite old version of macOS.

Lowers CPU Usage

Editing videos should be easy and fast. In fact, sometimes you find it as exhausting work, boring, and can annoy you when your PC starts lagging, crashing, overheating, or takes forever to finish. It may happen if you try to edit a high-resolution video like 4K because the software eats too much CPU power.

While most video editing software can jump up to 90% to 100% when rendering 4K video, VideoProc consumes the CPU power up to 60% only. The average is 33% to 40% and maintains 33 degrees on average use and jumps to 51 degrees if you use it without GPU acceleration.

Up To 47 Real-Time Faster

VideoProc comes with Level-3 Hardware Acceleration technology fully powered by Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD. This technology can boost the video process speeds up to 47x real-time faster while keeping low CPU usage. The video processing includes video editing, transcoding, resizing, and adjusting.

Simple Yet PowerFull Tools

Some of us don’t have time to master new editing skills to operate new software. We want an intuitive interface that can be used instantly as we open it for the first time. VideoProc grants you that. It comes with a user-friendly interface and feature-rich toolbox.


VideoProc is designed for everyone, from beginner to professional be like. Once you open the software, you will see a basic menu on the screen. On the upper menu, you will find options to upload the video, add music, and to clear the editing process. Once you upload the video, the basic editing tools will appear, like Cut, Crop, Subtitle, Effect, Rotate, and Watermark. Is that all?

VideoProc has more editing tools, such as merging more than one video clips into one, splitting the one video into small segments, etc. A Split option is a useful tool if you want to edit video with more details. The Cut option can only trim the video from the beginning and the end only, but Split allows you to edit in the middle. It also has more editing tools like merge, split, stabilize shaky video footage from GoPro, correct fisheye lens, etc. To get those editing tools, you can click the Tools option on the bottom menu of the screen.


There are three options you can choose, $29.95 for one year license (1 PC), $42.95 for a lifetime license (1 PC), and $57.95 a lifetime family license (2 – 5 PCs). You can also try their free trial offer. If you love to edit videos frequently, the second option will be the best deal for you. However, those are discounted prices which you can get in a limited time. Click here to get a 49% off from VideoProc.

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