Best Lightweight Video Editing Software To Buy With The Lowest CPU Usage

Best Lightweight Video Editing Software To Buy With The Lowest CPU Usage

With electronic editing edging its way into video-making, video editor has become the real wire-puller that turns miles of raw footage into a sophisticated craft. In addition, the proliferation of all sorts of video editing tools has made editing more approachable than ever to groups of either first-timers or old stagers. But lightening up your gear is required sometimes to expedite or simplify your editing work.

Thus, here in the post, we have complied some of the top lightweight video editor that you could leverage to lift your operation, featured with:

  • Ease of use with an intuitive interface
  • Overall low usage of system resources with little pressure exerted on your computer
  • Free and open access to all sources with basic yet powerful editing tools

• Full capability to handle unlimited codecs and formats conversion

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VideoProc – The Best Bet for Lightweight Video Editor

Better late than never, VideoProc is here at your service. The one-stop editing tool, endorsed by dazzling formats, integrates tons of high-end editing features, equips a high degree of inclusiveness for both beginners and professionals, and allows you to edit and polish your cinematic creations. The editor is designed to present you with the most flawless editing experience.


Versatility and Compatibility

Available on both Mac and Windows devices irrespective of the old versions or the latest, this video editing solution could unroll a fast and smooth workflow. Intuitively, powered by level-3 hardware acceleration, you have the ability to edit an hour-long video within minutes.


The light video editor comes with a small installation package of 42.5M and takes you the least minutes to install on your device. It ties up around only 1GB of RAM usage, much less than its rivals, amid which some run at least 3GB of their system capacity.

While most video editing software can jump up to 90% to 100% when rendering a 4K video, VideoProc consumes the CPU power up to 60% only. The average is 33% to 40% and maintains 33 degrees on average use and jumps to 51 degrees if you use it without GPU acceleration.

Among the multifarious facets, the highlights speak

Narrow in size, tremendous in its functions.

Granting a myriad of edits, the light video editor could enable you to create and touch up your work without worrying about any stuttering or crash get in your way:


Features of VideoProc:

  • 47x real-time faster conversion speed than its peers with the aid of Full Hardware Acceleration, free from any CPU overheating/overuse issues.
  • Stress-free when it comes to the batch videos conversion and embedded with the dynamically reconfigured bitrate target for efficiently shrinking videos to small size.
  • Superb competence to render large UHD 4K/8K videos without jeopardizing the quality
  • Escalate your footage with simple yet solid edits, including cut, merge, crop, enable or extract subtitles, insert effects, rotate and flip, etc.



Born out of professional film editing software, Lightworks is touted as a consummate lightweight video editing software to unlock the world of video editing. The platform features a great range of accesses, loads with a wide variety of formats, and helps users create and polish videos in just a few clicks. Able to run in Mac, Windows, and Linux, this editing tool branches into two versions, Lightworks Free and Full-Featured Lightworks Pro, with the formerly found restrictions in certain function use like 4K video support and export while the latter enjoying complete access. But the free one is more than enough to meet the demands of most users. It is absolutely a solid editing tool for video makers.


  • It takes less storage than the average on your device
  • Packed with tons of features that you could work within your video
  • Adobe After Effects plugin support
  • Use simple edits to nail some blockbusters


  • For the uninitiated, the interface might be daunting
  • Certain features like 3D, timeline rendering, project sharing, and exporting are exclusive in the paid version

VSDC Free Video Editor

Serving as lightweight non-linear editing (NLE), VSDC can process footage of high resolution in both Mac and Windows. It allows users to roll out a basket of basic video edits together with some advanced post-production:

  • Basic: cutting, splitting, merging, trimming, cropping, resizing, quality and resolution settings, video stabilization, conversion, speed change, text and subtitles insertion, etc.
  • Advanced: built-in screen and voice recorder, motion tracking, color correction, mask tool, blending modes, video effects, audio, AI art generator, etc.

Though powerful and decent, this free video editor still faces defects. Room for improvement is found in its overwhelming interface. People feed back with grumbles that glitches and crashes would bump out here and there, and they can not preview the video right in the editor, which is truly annoying. Besides, exporting videos is extremely sluggish, especially of the 4K edits.


Anchoring as a lightweight video editor with free open source that allows users to do elementary things in a very straightforward way, Avidemux applies visual effects to editing and convert video to various formats. The boast lies mostly in the project system encompassing SpiderMonkey and the JavaScript engine. Users could save the project they create with diverse options, configurations, selections, and preferences to a file. It is developed for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The program covers the entire editing process, unlike anything else. It is rather a basic video manipulation software only for cut, merge, and change video formats, the desired alternative for beginners.


  • Spartan interface
  • Optimal encoding options
  • Take up little storage space in your computer


  • Batch process unavailable
  • Easily get crash during editing work
  • No timeline or specialized tool panels


With the advent of a digitally visual era, video editors are scattered all over the place and fire up the heat for video-making to the pitch. As galore information pours in or fades away each second, these editing tools have simultaneously progressed and evolved so that they could bring people with up-to-the-minute taste and experience. What the armor to a warrior is what a lightweight video editor to a creator. Travel light, and you will win the game. Go pick one and dive into your creation!