Best iOS 11 Tips and Tricks To Enhance Your Experience

As everyone and their cat know by now for sure, Apple’s new iOS 11 is currently in beta testing mode and will launch this fall for the general public. In order to prepare you for the launch, we’ve prepared the eleven most helpful tips and tricks that will help you navigate iOS 11. And yes, we chose just eleven tips for the sake of a pun. Let’s begin.

  1. Customize the Control Center

iOS 11 will launch alongside a brand new and fully changed Control Center. The most important change with it lies in the fact that you can now fully customize it however you want or like. In order to do so, go to Settings > Control Center > Customize Controls, then tap on the plus icon in the MORE CONTROLS panel to add more items to the list.

  1. Screen record

A new and much-expected feature in iOS 11 is the ability to screen record. In order to do that, you need to add the feature to your Control Center so that you can access it. The videos then will be instantly added to your Camera Roll.

  1. Scan documents

Among others, iOS 11 also allows you to scan documents. Your iPhone will do this by just turning a photo of a document into a scan.

  1. ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode

Much to the joy of drivers and traffic officers alike, the new iOS 11 will equip your device with a new ‘Do Not Disturb While Driving’ mode. Your phone will mute messages, calls, notifications and so on and even respond to your messages letting whoever’s texting you know that you’re driving.

  1. Low power mode

Although Apple did offer a low power mode before as well, it was hard to access. Now you can just add it to your Control Center for easy access.

  1. Type to Siri

In iOS 11 you will have the possibility to type to Siri, not only talk. Just go to your phone’s Settings menu to turn the option on.

  1. Access notifications

Notifications are displayed differently on iOS 11 in the sense that they now permanently reside on the Lock Screen.

  1. Clear out storage

When you have a phone or tablet as good as the iPhone or iPad, it gets really easy to fill its storage up with apps, games, photos, music and so on. But iOS 11 offers an easy storage clean-up option. Go to Settings > General > Storage to see what your system recommends you to get rid of.

  1. Shut down by sliding

You will also be able to shut down your device without using the power button. GO to the Settings menu and enable the ‘slide to power off’ option.

  1. Smart Invert mode

iOS 11 no longer has a Dark Mode, but it does have a Smart Invert mode that’s similar, but better. In order to turn it on, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Display > Accommodations > Invert Colors and select Smart Invert. This will revert colors on everything except media, images and also apps that already use dark colors.

  1. Hide photos

This option already exists, but it got a well-deserve refresh in iOS 11. If you no longer want to see a particular photo in your gallery but you don’t have the heart to delete it just yet (there are many reasons for that and we understand them all), there is another option. Select the ‘hide’ option that will move it from your camera roll to a hidden album where you don’t have to see it anymore.

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