Best iOS 11 Features Which Comes from Jailbreak Tweaks

For many years Apple has been borrowing and implementing features used only by the jailbreak community. Only iPhone users that have jailbroken their phone can enjoy these features and tweaks, but from this fall iOS 11 is going to have these five amazing features implemented as well.

  1. Simultaneously moving apps on the home screen

For the moment you can only move one app at a time from page to page. But with the new release of the new iOS 11 you would be able to move not one but two or even three apps at the time without having any type of app like MultilconMover or MultiActions.

  1. Now you can customize the Control Center

At this moment you cannot customize the control center at all. However with the release of iOS 11 you will be able to remove, add and rearrange the control center and its components as you will. So you can stop being jealous of jailbreak users.

  1. QR Codes

Since the release of the first iPhone ten years ago, iOS has never had implemented a QR code app and you had to rely on third party apps. But now iOS 11 will come with the amazing feature to scan the QR codes without tweaks like NativeQR.

  1. Siri as a translator

For the moment Siri is unable to translate from one language to another without the help the tweak Lingual. With the new iOS 11 Siri will able to translate form languages such as German, French, Chinese, Italian, and Spanish to English and the other way around.

  1. Power saver in Control Center

And the most important feature of iOS 11 will be that you will not have to go deep into your settings to expand your battery life. Instead, you will be able to just open the control center and with one click expand battery life.

These are the most important futures announced till now by Apple for the new iOS 11. Tell us in the comment section what your expectations of iOS 11 are.

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