Best iOS 10 Jailbreak Tweaks and Tips


Jailbreak users, here are the updated newly released jailbreak tweaks that will run perfectly with iOS 10.


This is a fresh tweak that displays the remaining time of jailbreak certificate right on yalu102 and mach_portal app icon. The time is shown in days and when the user’s certificate is about to expire, the tweak will display the remaining time in hours. This is appropriate for users who are in a hurry all the time. It’s also a great hands-free solution for keeping your jailbreak signed and good to go.


This particular tweak offers custom artwork themes for the iOS lock screen and Control Center. Users can even change the way media controls look when their device is locked.


This tweak is developed by iOS iKilledAppl3 and allows you to change the Notification Center wallpaper by using any image file from their Photo Library.

It works on the page that displays missed a notification and also on the “Today” page alongside all the widgets. It is very easy to use and it will add a “preferences” pane to the Settings application.

ClassicFolders 2

If you’re not happy with the way folders to look after the iOS 7, you can now go back to the iOS 6- style folders by using this tweak.

Unify X

This is a great tweak for iOS 10 helping you organize better the Lock screen notifications. Usually, these can clutter up your Lock screen and you’ll get a big mess. This is especially the case of users who wake up in the morning and have to catch up with all last night’s notifications. The app will practically offer you a nice and clean notification UI.


In case you grew tired of Control Center opening on the wrong page, use this tweak to select which page it should always open to.


This new free jailbreak tweak will offer info every time the Now Playing track changes. Redmond Pie says that it can be configured to either reveal the music changes out loud using voice alerts or it can display them visually on notification banners.

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