Best iOS 10 Five Hidden Useful Features

Apple always liked to hide features within the iPhone’s iOS, but it seems like iOS 10 has the most of them. Maybe Apple does this because maybe the just incorporated too many features and they just cannot present every one of them or maybe they want to encourage explorations.

Let’s see the five most spectacular of these secrets.

  1. 1. Panorama direction reversed

As you know till now, the normal panorama direction is left to right because somehow everybody thinks that this is the best way to make it. But if you want to break this cycle you just have to tap on the motion line in the camera app.

  1. Individual read receipts in messages

If you want to know if your friend reads your messages just go in the contact info and enable read receipts just for that person. It will be very handy.

  1. 3. Where to find the Shuffle button in the Music App

For a long time, many people thought that there is no shuffle button in the Apple Music Player, and a lot of them were asking Google without much success. Then by mistake, somebody just swiped up on the player and happened to find the shuffle and repeat buttons.

  1. Time-stamps in messages

Are you curious to know when you last sent an iMessage in Message app? You have to pull right-to-left from the edge of the screen in the Message app and your curiosity will be fulfilled.

  1. 5. Make stickers change size

Did you know that you can enlarge or make the stickers smaller before sending them? It’s very simple, after you choose what sticker you want to send add a second finger and enlarge or make it smaller and then drop in into the chat.

These are the five secrets we just discovered, if you know more leave a comment with it and explain how we can use it.

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