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Best Gmail Extensions to Boost Your Productivity

Gmail is definitely the most successful email provider, having over a billion active users each month. If you’re one of the people who work online, then most likely you used Gmail at least once in your life. Even if it is indeed a great service, it’s hard to keep track of all the emails, especially if you receive a lot of them. For this reason, it’s time to have a look at some of the most useful Gmail extensions when it comes to boosting your productivity.


This is a tool that helps you with scheduling emails, tracking them attaching and keeping track of the templates. No doubt these features are truly useful, but they can also improve your productivity. The tracking one can even tell you what customers would be interested in buying your products.

Send from Gmail

This is yet another useful extension that lets you save time. It adds the Gmail icon on the browser tab so that you can write an email without opening the Gmail tab or window.

Gmail Snooze

This extension allows you to snooze the emails that arrive in the inbox without even opening the Gmail window. However, this extra help works in the cloud, so you don’t have download and use other extensions.

Gmail Offline

A tool offered by Google, Gmail Offline helps you work, search for emails, archive or send messages even though you have no Internet connection. Only when you connect will the emails be sent. As such, you can save time and work even though there is no Internet where you are.

Checker Plus

This is a useful extensions that allows you to use several Gmail account simultaneously. You don’t have to log in and out anymore and thus you can save more time. What’s more, it has a beautiful design and it also supports push notifications, Inbox by Gmail and others.

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