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Looking for the best games on Steam ? Top 10 Best games on Steam

Hitman 2

If you prefer to enter the world of PC games, Steam is the best place for you to look for such options. With more than twenty-three thousand games, available on this platform, you have got an option to rejoice and immerse in the world of games. Among the several benefits of playing the games from Steam is that they allow you to buy a game and install it several times in a multitude of devices you own. At the same time, you are going to have access to the automatic updates; so, you do not need to download the games again to check if the updates are in place.

There is no doubt that the PC still continues to rule when it comes to the choice of platforms for video games. Whether your interest lies in the first-person shooter games or the greatest role-playing games that do not seem to come to an end, Steam is going to keep you on your feet. However, the only problem you may face is to choose the right games from enormous options. Often, you may be tempted to buy those that record frequent sales, ending up with a stack of games that are not of your choice. However, the list of games presented below is going to help you to make a choice of your favorite options whether they are the latest releases or the oldies you still prefer.

Steam is home to an enormous number of games with about six hundred games releasing on this platform every month. Given the numbers, it is extremely challenging to narrow down ten games, but after giving it the best shot, we have scheduled some of the best games here. We have analyzed several options and features that make the Steam games before choosing the best options for the gamers. So, if you are planning to add more games to your collection, get yourself ready with this amazing collection of games and enjoy playing them.

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Among the best Steam games are those that do not exist in any other platform as the strategy games with complicated features require the exotic features of the gaming PC, and there cannot be a better choice than Kenshi. This game takes its inspiration from the Mount and Blade games and is a sandbox and squad-based RPG where you are going to create your own story. You are going to be dropped in the midst of an enormous world and think about Daggerfall Huge or Elder Scrolls and you are not going to be restricted by the gameplay systems. All that you need to do is to build a home for yourself and begin an epic adventure.


Rocket League

For those who love sports and racing games, this is a great option for them. Although the prominent digitized athletes run around the field in an attempt to score points, Psyonix takes a completely different approach in this game Rocket League. This is a soccer-like game that positions the players in control of the small cars that are rocket-boosted, zip across the pitch and ram their heads into the giant soccer balls. Even though the game looks apparently simple, it requires a huge amount of control, practice, and depth to allow the dedicated base of players to stay engaged for several years.

Rocket League

What Remains of Edith Finch

The indie smash game that came in 2017 has recently been awarded as the ‘best game’ in the BAFTA Award and it is time to give it another try. What Remains of Edith Finch is an adventure led by a narrative into which, the player is going to walk in the style of the first person and as Edith Finch to explore the house in which you grew up. During the exploration, you can look over the preserved relics of the family members who are no longer alive and get to hear a brief evocative description of how the various Finches died. Although it may sound grim, initially, the magical and the realistic approach of the game and its pleasing style makes What Remains of Edith Finch a touching game and involves you deeply instead of leaving you in depression.

It is similar to an interactive film and there are no chances of failures, except that you may get lost and the experience seems to last for two to three hours. If you loved Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture or Gone Home and Firewatch, you are going to love this game as well.

Remains of Edith Finch

Dragon Ball Fighter Z

No one probably ever thought that a Dragon Ball Game released in 2018 would be one of the best games of 2018. With a tag team fighter using an art style that is unique and similar to anime, Dragon Ball Fighter Z is an enormously fast game that still manages to welcome people even those that are not unfamiliar with the genre. Even if you take this to be true, the depth of the game makes it a favorite at the esports events, and a large number of characters ensures that you can send a few heroes to the battle. The game also includes several callbacks to the famous Dragon Ball Z show moments and is sure to make the gamers happy. For those who prefer fighting games, this blistering action is going to keep them at their feet.

Into the Breach

Not all the top games on Steam may resemble the open world conflict, but Into the Breach is a sci-fi strategy blast game that you can easily play during your break at work. Made by the same team who did Faster than Light, it is one of the favorite PC games of the last decade. For the veterans of gaming that prefer the handheld gaming action, the shades of Advance Wars are quite prominent in this game.

The game begins with the invasion of the Earth and it is completely taken control of by the aliens. Into the Breach is a game where you are going to control several groups of mechs sent from the future to reverse the destiny. Although this may sound like mind-boggling, it shows that the plot is not significant here as we know that the Earth is going to come out of the danger and the only thing to watch for is the way in which it comes out of the trouble.

Each of the encounters takes place in an 8×8 block grid, which is also your battlefield. The play unravels in turns and all that your mechs have to do is to stop the aliens from destroying a lot of the outposts and the buildings of the field. The game resembles the pure tactics of chess and as you play it, you can upgrade the mechs for improving your chances to win.

Into the Breach


Firaxis restored the X-COM strategy series of games from disappearing with XCOM: Enemy Unknown combining the toughest combat with a slick shade of sci-fi paint, but the sequel is going to be better. XCOM2 is undoubtedly much tougher than its previous version and not only this, it also provides you with several options for tackling the aliens who have occupied the Earth. With every decision you make, which has potentially huge implications, the game is not for those with a faint heart; rather those people who are capable of taking commands are going to enjoy it thoroughly.


Surviving Mars

A few screenshots of Surviving Mars make the game resemble The Sims: Red Planet Edition although it appears more familiar to Sim City meets the Martian. In the game, you can build an outpost on a portion of Mars, and need to keep it running to prevent the colonists from dying on the rough surface of the planet, and it is tougher than it sounds.

If you are unable to manage the resources in Sim City or Civilization, you are not only going to make the inhabitants angry but lower your income as well. However, in Surviving Mars mismanagement can lead to a chain reaction in which the life support systems fail.

You may hear about the death of a colonist and try to fix the problem fast to prevent the other colonists from dying just like the bubbles pop as they touch the ground. Even though the interface of the game requires modification, the approach to building a city in the game is compelling.

Surviving Mars

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While playing Descenders, you can go about in quick blasts if you want to keep yourself away from the charming approach of the game. As a downhill free rider, you have to go down the courses generated through the procedure with the application of styles, and the good thing is that you must preferably use a gamepad. It can remind you of the games of Tony Hawk or the snowboard console classic SSX.

Due to the generated tracks, you cannot master the courses, but remember that you are aiming to master the physics of the bike. With a career mode, you are pitted against a series of courses in the same style of ambience and each one has its specific objectives. All that you have to do is to finish the “boss course” and unlock another terrain although you have limited lives during the entire run. The Descenders get a fresh feel with its amalgamation of the mobile style of games and the mechanics of the old school progression.


Hitman 2

The series called Hitman has always been at its best as it allows the players to experiment and explore some of the craziest things they can see at the sandbox level. IO Interactive understood this in Hitman 2 as well as the game contains a few locations only, but each one of them is replayed infinitely with several ways you can adapt to assassinate the target.

Whether you want to throw your target into a pit containing cement or have defence robots shooting your target, it is time to use your hands as you can simply throw them off the roof. The only restriction here is in using your imagination and the new ‘Elusive Targets’ is another reason to keep returning.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

As far as the in-vogue games are concerned, there is nothing quite similar to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that capture the mood more precisely. Even though the name is rather unappealing, it has hardly kept its makers PUBG from putting the game into the map and turning it into a sensation. Although there is a lot of hype surrounding the game, it is beyond the Twitch fascination and is still one of the most addictive games to be played on Steam.

The game has a simple premise, which is a parachute into the map with no armor, scavenging for weapons, or gear, and the fight for survival with one life in the map continues to shrink. However, it is still one of the most gripping games. Whether you are planning to team with your friends or trying to brave the maps alone, PUBG is one of the finest shooters existing in the market right now.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

Steam is the most vibrant and valuable online marketplace when it comes to PC gaming and launched by the game development team Valve in 2003, the platform has a record number of sales to the community of the gamers. It seems that without Steam, the world of PC gaming would have been rather bland as it sits with the consoles appropriately to play the biggest games of the year regularly. The list we have presented here was not easy to prepare, but the ones we have chosen are sure to be essential for the players owning a Steam account. Ideally, we have tried to rotate the game that best includes different genres and sub-categories and impress the players. If you are addicted to the Steam games, you can choose from the ten games that are listed here and enjoy a good time.

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