Best Freeware Video Editing Software For Vlogger

Best Freeware Video Editing Software For Vlogger

 “If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million. “

 You can tell your story or provide some explanation much better in images than text-based-only information. It is because around 90% of information that is sent to our brain is visual. And thanks to YouTube, Instagram, Vimeo, and many other social media platforms, people can now easily find any video. For that reason, Vloggers are getting popular because they can also get money from the content they share. To become a successful vlogger, you will need the best video editing software. Here are our picks. 

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Best Freeware Video Editing Software For Vlogger

Unlike filmmakers, vloggers come from various backgrounds. Some of them work alone. That is why the best video editing software suitable for them should be easy to use, fast, and light. 

VideoProc Vlogger

Pros – Freeware, Lightweight, Windows and macOS, full GPU accelerated (up to 47x faster), easy to use, 4K and 8K support.

Cons – Watermark on the free version

Most popular video editing software requires high specs system requirements. Take Adobe Premier Pro for example, which asks for 8GB of RAM as a minimum requirement. Even lightweight software like Adobe Premiere Element and Cyber PowerDirector 365 need at least 4GB of RAM on your computer. It definitely won’t work on a low spec computer. You may be able to install it on 6 GB of RAM PC, but it will run slow. 

VideoProc Vlogger comes with low system requirements. It only needs 1 GB RAM, a 2 GHz processor, and 512 MB GPU VRAM as the minimum spec requirements. Its Level-3 Hardware Acceleration, fully powered by Intel®, AMD®, and NVIDIA® GPUs, can speed up video encoding and processing up to 47x real-time without losing the output quality. 

They build VideoProc Vlogger with an intuitive user interface and dedicate the software for any vlogging level. Even if you are a beginner and don’t have an editing background before, you will be able to create a stunning video in minutes.   

Here are the highlight features of VideoProc Vlogger that will bring your editing process to the next level.

1. Visual effects

VideoProc Vlogger lets you add visual effects to your videos as easily as drag and drop. There are hundreds of incredible effects and filters placed on categories like Transition, Effects, Title Animation, 3D LUTs filter, Motion, Green Screen, and more.

2. Motion effects

There is 28 motion presets you can find on this freeware to create cinematic camera movements such as dynamic cropping, motion zooms, rotations, angle changes, highlights, crop-opening, Ken Burns effect, and more.

3. Speed Ramping


You can use at least 14 speed-ramping preset effects on VideoProc Vlogger. To speed up or slow down the footage, click the Speed option on the toolbar. Then, place the keyframe and move the curve to get the speed you want.

4. Color Grading and Correction

Color grading and correction allow you to enhance a video to look more aesthetic. With around 100 built-in LUTs (Lookup Tables), you can color grade your footage in one click. It can save your time and be helpful for a beginner as well. 

5. Audio Editing


Audio Editor of VideoProc Vlogger equipped three audio analyzer modes, 12 built-in audio effects, and a 10-band equalizer. If you find that the original audio is too low, you can make it louder by doubling the volume or as you wish. It also allows you to add audio effects to the video and select in which segment you want to fade out the background and where you want to increase the volume.

More cool features are available on this freeware, like Split screen, picture in picture, and green screen.


Pros – free, no watermark, simple and intuitive interface, lightweight

Cons – for Mac users only, lack of features like multi-cam and motion effects

If you are a Mac user and don’t feel like downloading a third-party video editing software to your computer, iMovie can be your best option. It is a free native Apple app for editing, has a simple interface, and is lightweight. It only takes around 2 GB RAM of your Mac as a minimum spec requirement. 

iMovie allows you to edit up to 4K video footage. Adding a sound effect, music, or voice-over is not complicated at all. The themes and templates designs are impressive and ready to use. The freeware also comes with a chroma-key to change the green screen background into something you want. 


Pros – Low system requirement, work with old Windows OS version, free version is available, 4K support

Cons – only available for Windows, complex interface, steep learning curve

VSDC offers low system requirements. It only needs 1 GB of RAM and 1.5 GHz of Intel, AMD, or a compatible processor. Amazingly, it can also work with the old version of Windows OS, like XP SP3, Vista, and Win7. The output supports a bunch of video codecs and formats, like AVI, MKV, WAV, TIFF, and more. 

There are thousands of video and audio effects to pimp your footage. Instagram-like filters help polish your video quickly. Unfortunately, the motion tracking tool is only available on the paid version.   


Pros – Completely free, Clear interface, great for beginners, Windows, macOS, Linux

Cons – for basic editing, vintage user interface, lack of features

Avidemux is a free, open-source video editing software. It has a clear interface but doesn’t have a timeline. It is suitable for simple basic editing vlog footage, like cutting, filtering, and encoding. 

The freeware is easy to use, but it has an old-school interface. Thus, if you are used to a modern video editing interface, you may need to adapt a little bit. It is excellent for beginners or if you want to do basic editing. But, if you’re going to take your creativity to the next level, Avidemux may not fit for you.