Best Free FIFA World Cup 2018 Apps for the iPhone

FIFA World Cup 2018 iphone

Football madness is here again as the 2018 World Cup descends upon us all. Countries all over the world are waiting with baited breaths as their favorite teams clash and peddle for the glory of domination. The interaction between a fan and the world cup is more than mere passion; its pure addiction. This year, 32 teams are currently competing in Russia for the most coveted trophy in football. From June 14th to July 15th, these teams have to battle one another until only one Champion remains. It’s nearly impossible to not care for this prestigious event even if you have only an inkling of liking for football.

However, not everyone has the time to watch the matches live on T.V. A lot of people out there have extremely busy lives and responsibilities that may prevent them from binge watching matches. Luckily, we live in the age of technology, where we can find information about just anything, at the touch of a button.

Today, we have numerous apps that can help keep track of all matches in the world cup. But which ones are good or unique? We are here to find just that. Here are some of the best free FIFA world cup 2018 Apps for the iPhone.

FIFA Official App

The best free app that can give you coverage of the world cup is, of course, the official FIFA app. It has multiple features that allow you to keep track of various aspects of the game: highlights, live scores, latest news, photos, exclusive videos etc. What makes this app the best available for download today is their comprehensive coverage and the ability to re-watch some of the greatest moments of football history. It is definitely a must-have iPhone app for all football fanatics out there.

U.I and Flow – All pages are designed well and is quite user-intuitive. The layout could have been better, but its sufficient enough to keep you immersed.

FIFA Official App iphone


  • Live Scores – Keep track of the latest scores in real time.
  • Highlights – Get concise clear highlights of finished matches.
  • Access to exclusive interviews, pictures, and videos – Exclusive content.
  • Watch iconic old world cup matches – Relive football’s greatest moments.
  • Track FIFA world ranking – Keep track of your favorite team’s world ranking.
  • Vote feature – Vote for the person you think will be the “man of the match”.

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The Score

The Score may not be a football dedicated app but it is one of the best sports apps on the market today. Originally started as a website, the company utilized the massive amounts of data they collected over the years into an immersive mobile experience. Everything about this app makes you engrossed in it. The content is divided into different sections and through different features. It offers an excellent premium mobile sports experience for absolutely no cost making it one of the best apps to watch sports today.

U.I and Flow – The dark colored pages with the blue highlights look exceptional, giving it a very professional look and feel. All the content is divided nicely into various sections making it very easy to navigate.

The score


  • Detailed Stats and Other Info – The Score probably provides the most detailed and in-depth stats of various teams and players than any other app.
  • Discover – This gives you access to the latest social media stories and alerts trending at that particular time.
  • Dashboard – You can customize your dashboard by managing the content you wish to follow while deleting the ones you don’t want.
  • Favorites – Here, you can view all your favorite teams, players and clubs and set up notifications to get the latest news about them as soon as it hits the internet.
  • Widgets – Use of multiple cool widgets to have live scores right on your main screen.

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Onefootball Soccer News

Onefootball soccer news is another great app for iOS users to keep track of their favorite matches in the world cup. This app has most of the basic features any football app will have, but there are also some very unique aspects to it such as the “ONEFOOTBALL TV” that will surely delight you.

U.I and Flow – It has a very clean U.I, uncluttered and easy to navigate. Every bit of information you need is right there ready to get dispensed at the tap of a button. However, it could use a dash of colors to give it some life. The almost monochromatic feel can be a bit dull at times.Onefootball Soccer News


  • Onefootball TV – You get a 24-hour video channel that features content from over 50 creators all over the world. You also get access to live and on-demand content to enrich your football viewing experience.
  • Live Scores and news – Get the latest news as well as live scores of your favorite teams.
  • World Cup Experience – The app has a dashboard featuring the entire tournament where you can browse and view the content you want to see.
  • Live Commentary – Listen to some riveting commentary while watching your favorite matches
  • Club Info – Get access to a massive database of information on the different teams, players and more.

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BBC Sport

BBC Sport is another amazing iOS app for football lovers. The app first came out as a mobile version of the BBC sport website. However, today it has grown into its own entity in many regards. It offers several unique features which set them apart from their competition. You have to create an account for this app, unlike other devices.

U.I and Flow – As far as the UI is concerned, the pages are well designed and very user intuitive. The visual look and feel could have used a little bit more work but it isn’t that shabby either. The yellow dashboard on the white screen makes the content stand out nicely.BBC Sport


  • My Sports Page – This is a unique feature where you can select your favorites from over 300 topics and have them all consolidated on a single page. You can then keep adding or removing content as you wish.
  • Alerts – You can get alerts for upcoming matches and even set them for specific events like kick-off times, goals etc.
  • Live Coverage – Watch your favorite match live on the app, no matter where you are.
  • BBC Radio – The app gives you access to BBC Radio 5 Live and Radio 5 Live Sports Extra where you can listen to your favorite sports show.
  • Share – You can share results of your favorite matches with friends and followers.

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FotMob Live

FotMob Live Soccer Scores is probably the simplest football based app in the market today. It is primarily a score tracker app, but due to its simplistic nature, it has become one of the highest rated apps in the market today. It has numerous interesting features too like the World Cup predictor, live text commentary, player comparison tools etc.

U.I and Flow – The U.I is simple, clean and very easy to follow. However, the overall design could have used a little bit more work to really spice up the content. But overall, it does its primary purpose exceptionally well and that is to provide your favorite content to you.

FotMob Live


  • Commentary – You can read live text commentary of your favorite matches on this app and listen to the audio commentary in over 10 different languages.
  • Player Comparison Tool – Clear all your doubts on who is the better player by using this tool.
  • Apple Watch Support – Pair the app with your favorite smart wear.
  • Exceptional Service – The app is well known for providing exceptional customer service with numerous tools and features added at the behest of their users.
  • World Cup Predictor – Try to predict the various matches lined up for the world cup and see how close you got. You can even share your predictions to show off your savvy guessing skills.

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