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The time has come for football madness to spread! The Football World Cup 2018 just kicked off this month in Russia and for the next few weeks, 32 national teams will battle each other to decide the champion of the greatest challenge in football. Very few sports have the same impact the world over, like football does. No matter which country you go to, there will always be football fanatics. A lot of its popularity is based on the skill involved, and also due to the fact that it is a fast paced sport because of which, you don’t need to spend several hours watching a match.

While football matches are relatively quicker, time is a crucial aspect of all our lives. Not everyone will be able to take an hour or two off to watch the matches due to the busy lives we all lead. However, that shouldn’t prevent anyone from enjoying the glory of football, especially in this age of technology and innovation. Luckily, there are numerous apps out there that can allow you to watch your favorite matches on your Samsung Galaxy S9 with just a few clicks. While some of these apps allow you to only watch the matches and update you with live scores, others have additional features like mini games, social media aspects etc.

Here, we will be looking at some of the best free FIFA world cup 2018 apps out there along with the unique features they provide.

FIFA Official App

What could be better than enjoying your favorite matches on the official FIFA World Cup App? Not only do you get rich content about football, you also get exclusive content ranging from interviews, pictures, videos and much more. All the matches will be covered Live along with key highlights, analysis and even a voting system which enables you to guess the “man of the match” of each game.

U.I and Flow – The app looks great and the U.I flow is exceptional. At no point will you find yourselves confused on how to get access to different features and options. All the pages are designed very well and are extremely user intuitive. The blue color at the top nicely mashes with the white below, making it very pleasing to the eyes.

FIFA Official App


  • Real Time Notifications – Choose your favorite team and get instant updates.
  • World Cup History – Relive the iconic moments of world cup history.
  • Complete Schedule – Plan your days based on the official schedule to make time for your favorite teams.
  • Explore Russia – Discover Russia and its many wonders.
  • Live Blog – Over 32 reporters contribute towards this blog to provide you with the latest on-the-ground updates.

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Goal Live Score

Goal Live Score is an app that is unique in its own way. In such a crowded space, it manages to stand out by being simple. The app is fully focused on live scores and gets rid of all the clutter that sometimes surrounds similar apps. Just because they prioritize live scores doesn’t mean it’s a one feature app though. It goes extremely in detail in terms of the various matches played and player/team stats to appease the most hardcore football fan. You can thoroughly analyze each match by going over the various stats and really dig into it.

U.I and Flow – Hands down, the best U.I out of all football apps for Samsung. Everything is crisp and diverts your attention to the content that matters. The dark blue and white combination just makes everything pop out. Truly a great U.I experience! Plus it looks ravishing on all of the Samsung Galaxy series.

Goal live score


  • Instant Goal Alerts – Extremely fast alerts every time your team hits a goal.
  • Match Data – Get in detail view of the matches by comparing stats.
  • Advanced Team Form – Analyze your favorite team’s formation and compare them to the opponent to gauge how the match might go.
  • LiveText Commentary – Immerse yourself in brilliant text commentary.
  • News – Get the latest news from a variety of the most well-known sources whenever they break.

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Live Soccer TV

Live Soccer TV is your one stop destination for all content related to football, like articles, videos, podcasts, radio shows and many more. It provides schedules for all the above mentioned mediums and timely updates on live scores, game stats and kick off alerts. The app is a mobile version of the popular; a popular football portal that has been entertaining hundreds of thousands of viewers for almost a decade. They bring all their expertise and experience into this app to give a great viewing experience.

U.I and Flow – Out of all the apps listed here, this one is perhaps the most disappointing in terms of U.I. Though navigating the app is real easy, the whole design does not impress at all. It appears bland and a bit dull, from the layouts to the fonts being used. This app could definitely use a revamp of its interface design.

Live soccer tv


  • Official Broadcasts – Get access to official broadcasts on a variety of platforms ranging from radio, online, TV and mobile.
  • In Depth Details – Get in depth details on stats, team compositions, players and much more.
  • Hide Results – If you don’t want to get spoiled by results, you can hide the results and notifications until you watch the match.
  • Daily News – Get the latest news every day.

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Fox Sports

Fox Sports is a well-known brand with millions of viewers all over the world. The Fox Sports App has exclusive rights to cover and broadcast every match in the 2018 football world cup. The latest version has been updated with a match center where you get live reports, stats, highlights and much more, just for the prestigious event. It has a few unique features too, like the highlight machine which allows you to make and share custom highlights and different live feeds for matches. There is also a very special feature in the app for Fox Live TV subscribers.

U.I – The U.I is done very well in this app. This is probably one of the most professionally done interface designs in football apps today. The various sections are neatly divided and placed in convenient places for ease of access. The colors mesh well with one another to highlight the content efficiently and effectively.

Fox sports


  • Highlight machine – Create your favorite football history highlights and share them with others.
  • Virtual Reality – Subscribers of Fox Sports TV can get access to a V.R feature where they can watch games in full 360 degrees through the Fox Sports V.R App. (This app has to be downloaded separately)
  • Podcasts – Gives you access to entertaining podcasts dedicated to football.
  • Live Stream – Watch your favorite matches Live on the go.

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ESPN is a brand synonymous with sports, being one of the premier channels for sports and entertainment. The world famous brand also offers a great app for sports lovers including football fanatics. Unlike other apps, you have to sign in and create an account, as there are in app purchases which you can buy for additional features and content. They have an exclusive football category where you can see the schedule, kick off times, stats and many more details.

U.I and Flow – This app looks absolutely gorgeous with an amazing layout and a crisp, clean interface. Every section is easy to navigate and there is no unnecessary clutter. However, this app does have ads. So be prepared to be a little annoyed while browsing the app. It’s a small price to pay though.



  • Real time notifications – Get the latest updates instantly.
  • News Feed – Check out the latest news and other articles related to the world cup.
  • Personalized Content – Get alerts only for the teams you select.
  • Favorites – Here you can view all the content you have favorite so far.

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