Best Features Of WatchOS 4

September 12 this year was a big day for Apple as the company made several launches including WatchOS 4. The upgrade has brought many new features and upgrades making the Apple watch even more fun. The Watch OS 4 is compatible with all the watches from Apple that are presently available. Here is a list of best features of WatchOS 4.

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List of best features of WatchOS 4

Auto-Pause Running Workouts

The ‘Running Auto Pause’ feature will pause the watch when you stop and resumes when it detects that you have started moving again. In order to activate this feature, you need to go to Workout on your Watch app on your iPhone and under this option and toggle the option of ‘Running Auto Pause’ on.

Switch Up the Dock

Features Of WatchOS 4

The app preview has been changed with the new WatchOS 4. They will now be available to view vertically instead of you having to scroll from left to right to see them. All that you need to do is use the Digital Crown and scroll down the list. To access the app of choice just tap to open it. Although Apple has set the dock to reveal the most recently used apps it can be changed to display your favorite list first and then the recent ones. The change can be done from your iPhone.

Go to Watch app > Dock > Favourites. The device will display a list of apps where you can set your favorite apps according to the order that you prefer to see them.


Along with your iPhones, your Apple Watch will have a flashlight too. Even though it may not be as bright as the one we have on our phones but you sure can get light when you need light in a situation of emergency. To enable the light you need to swipe from the bottom of the screen, here you can see the quick toggles. Locate the flashlight icon if you tap it you will get three options – bright white setting, alternating option, and bright red screen.

Sync Music With Ease

This is one of the best features of WatchOS 4 especially people who love music. Apple recently revealed that the Apple Watch users will be able to access Apple Music using their watch in one of their future updates. However, they did make syncing music with the WatchOS 4 easy. Go to the Watch app on your iPhone and select Music. Apple Music subscribers will get the option to have their customized playlists synced to their Apple Watch whenever they update it.

New Watch Faces

Features Of WatchOS 4

We love to change the faces of our Apple Watch, don’t we? WatchOS 4 upgrade lets you have different watch faces which you can change according to your mood. There is the Siri’s face, Pebble’s Timeline, Google Now’s Cards, Characters from Toy Story and more. Siri’s Face comes with a lot of additional features such as it displays the latest traffic from Apple Maps or if you need to catch a flight then your boarding pass shows up instantly, this and much more. Changing watch faces gives access to more features making it exciting for you to use the watch.

Heart Rate Alerts

You can know your heart’s health now that WatchOS 4 is with you. The heart rate app on Apple Watch has been given a makeover. There is a new option that has been updated that alerts you if your heart rate is more even when you are resting. You can activate this on the Watch app in iPhone. Open the Heart Rate app and then set your Elevated Heart Rate notification to the threshold that you want.


If you wish to enjoy these features on WatchOS 4 then you will have to upgrade your iPhone to iOS 11 and then your Apple Watch to WatchOS 4. The update can be done by going to General > Software Update and then follow the directions of the device.

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