Best Features Of The New iPad Pro 10.5-Inch

Apple always tries to offer the best quality and feature-rich devices. And this time they did it by bringing out the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro model that is equipped with numerous features and functionality than its predecessor. The original iPad Pro 12.9 inch came around two years back, and it was a bit extra big and was not perfect for carrying out everywhere. Later, Apple brought 9.7-inch iPad Pro. The size of what was bit small to enjoy all types of videos and all. But the latest 10.5 inch iPad Pro is a real treat. Here in this article, we will explain why this is a pretty great device, by listing all its best features.

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Best Features of 10.5 inch iPad Pro


When talking about the design part of the new 10.5 inch iPad Pro, it has impressed the buyers with its size which is neither too big nor too small rather just perfect. The 10.5-inch is not much bigger than its predecessor rather it is the of same size as Apple has cut down the borders, thus, has been able to maintain the same size. Also, the weight is just 477 g that which is why it is an ideal option if you are planning to carry it everywhere with you.

The new ProMotion technology

ProMotion technology is another reason to choose it over other iPad Pro model and this technology is really very helpful to get the best out of the device. The ProMotion technology makes the display refresh rate double from 60Hz to 120Hz. Not just that rather this feature is also helpful to save the battery life by allowing you to adjust the display refresh rate according to your usage.

True tone

True Tone feature is also incorporated in this latest iPad Pro that helps to adjust the screen’s white balance depending on the room’s light so that you can easily read something on a paper white screen. With this, according to Apple’s claim the screen of this new 10.5 inch iPad Pro is much brighter and less reflective.

Support for Apple Pencil

Apple has offered some exciting new stuff to enjoy in its Apple pencil in the 10.5 inch iPad Pro. The pencil has numerous sensors on both its case and the tips and those sensors help to detect the angle, position, and orientation etc. of the strokes. Also, a gentle touch with the pencil will create light stroke while you are required to press down a bit harder to create thicker lines. This pencil can be used along with your finger to draw whatever you want in the digital note. Overall this Apple pencil is really very intriguing to the enthusiast sketch artists.

This pencil can be charged by opening the cap and plugging it into the iPad Pro. It has a connector through which the charging takes place. Charge the Apple Pencil fully and it will last for long 12 hours.

Smart keyboard

Smart Keyboard is another great feature of iPad Pro 10.5 inch that is also used as the smart cover of this iPad. The smart keyboard is foldable, water-resistant and lightweight, having a small thickness of just 4mm. Apart from typing this keyboard can be used to cover the screen of the iPad by propping it up.

Great power

Talking about the performance and this iPad Pro model really won the hearts of all. Apple has integrated the most powerful A10X Fusion chip in this device that made it really powerful to offer a lag-free and smooth performance always. The A10X chip along with the 6 core CPU and 12 core GPU help the 10.5 inch iPad Pro model to deliver almost 30% faster performance while the graphic performance is better and faster by 40% that the A9X chipset. So, it is no doubt one of the best reasons to choose this iPad Pro model over others.

Excellent battery life

The 10.5 inch iPad Pro model is powered by the 30.4 Watt-hour rechargeable lithium polymer battery that helps the device to deliver a long 10 hours battery life while it is 9 hours in case you will use an LTE model on the cellular connection.

Great sound quality

Along with all the features mentioned above another reason to buy the new 10.5-inch iPPropro model is its excellent sound quality. Yes, Apple has added four speakers in this iPad Pro model in its four corners to create a soundstage experience. Also, the speakers are designed to create a well-balanced sound whether you keep it vertically or horizontally.


So, these are the best features of iPad Pro 10.5-inch model and even though the price might be a bit high, it’s worth it.

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