Best Apps For Apple Watch

Apple Watch has made its way into the industry almost two years back. Earlier, people did not show their interest towards Apple Watch but with the introduction of WatchOS 2 and WatchOS 3 things are changed dramatically. And this has called for many useful apps also. The developers are coming out with many useful apps the Watch almost every day. So, it is really difficult to find the best apps for your smartwatch. We have curated a list here that contains the best apps for Apple Watch. This will help you narrow down your search while you will also be able to get the best out of your Smartwatch.

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10 Best Apps For Apple Watch

Yahoo Weather

Best Apps For Apple Watch

A weather app is must have on your smartwatch to have a prediction of the weather and Yahoo weather is just perfect for that. This app comes completely free and offers you all the information required related to the weather. It carries a very simple interface that has three simple lines and they indicate the temperature, wind speed, and precipitation. Along with these, you will also get other weather information such as where the sun is right now, sunshine, sunset times, prediction of rain and the high and low temperature of the day. The only flaw of this app is its size which is a bit more than other weather apps such as Dark Sky and Carrot weather.

Download Yahoo Weather



Best Apps For Apple Watch

Another on the list of the best apps for Apple Watch that is specially designed for sports addicts. This app allows users to set a goal and follow the workout plan to achieve the goal. RunKeeper has included a map and detailed statistic to make things much easier. Whether you are running, walking or cycling, it tracks everything the best way. Also, you are not even required to carry the smartphone along with you.

Download RunKeeper



Best Apps For Apple Watch

If your job involves a lot of calculation then a calculator is required on the smartwatch. So, why not download the Calcbot app on your watch? It will help you calculate everything you want. No more taking out of the smartphone now to perform a simple calculation rather get this app on your Apple Watch and calculation will become much easier. This is a completely free app, so no money will be spent from your account.

Download Calcbot



Best Apps For Apple Watch

Are you not happy with your sleep quality? Well, not to worry anymore, just get this Sleep++ app on your Apple Watch and let it handle rest of the things. This app utilizes the motion tracking capability of Apple Watch and measures the quality and quantity of your sleep. What you need to do is just say the app when you go to sleep and also inform it as you get up. That’s it and rest of the thing will be handled by it. This app is free, so it will not affect your bank balance. Just head towards the App store and get it on your watch right now.

Download Sleep++


Camera Plus

Best Apps For Apple Watch

If you are not happy with the stock camera app on your wristwatch, go for downloading this Camera Plus app which comes with many functionalities to allow you enjoy the camera the best possible ways. Capturing photos will be really enjoyable with this app installed on your smartwatch. Features such as instant preview after capture, photo & video capturing with a live preview etc. are really helpful. Not just that, there is the ability to set times, swap between the front and back camera just from your wrist is truly enjoyable.

Download Camera Plus



Best Apps For Apple Watch

Do you tweet a lot? If so then this is a perfect app for you. However, this is not the official Twitter app rather it is a very useful Twitter tool that serves all the purposes of Twitter. For example, you will be notified of every tweets, messages, favorites and followers while you can also track your stats easily. The paid and free both versions are available. The free version works fine but the in-app purchase will unlock more features for you.

Download Twitterrific



Best Apps For Apple Watch

We all know about this useful app that remembers and stores all the passwords for us the safe and secure way. And this app can be highly useful for your Apple Watch as well. It will allow you gaining all the Apple Watch facilities with 1Password. And then you can have a look at your passwords right at your wrist. Passwords are essential, and when we are assured of the safety and security of it, things become more enjoyable. While the free version is always available you can also unlock the Pro feature by paying an amount of $9.99. This is no doubt one of the best apps for Apple Watch.

Download 1Password



Best Apps For Apple Watch

This is definitely one of the best apps for Apple Watch users who use to travel a lot by the public transport. This is actually a public transport app to offer the excellent step by step instruction so that you can navigate the right way through public transport. Citymapper makes use of your location and does rest of the job. Information regarding departure timing from all kind of public transport options and knocking as you reach the stop are available in this app.

Download Citymaper



Best Apps For Apple Watch

This is a very simple yet powerful audio podcast player that is designed for the iPhone but goes perfectly well with the Apple Watch as well. It is integrated with features such as voice boost, smart speed, and smart playlist to enjoy the podcasts greatly. Also looking for new options and switching between podcasts are too simple here which makes the app much more popular. This app is available at the Apple app store for free.

Download Overcast



Best Apps For Apple Watch

Stay organized with Evernote installed on the watch. It allows you to create a to-do list, take notes and save things so that you can get them online in the Evernote app. Through Evernote app, you can now read all the notes and dictate a new one right from your Apple Watch only. This app is free and is available on iTunes for iOS and Apple Watch.

Download Evernote

These are the 10 best apps for Apple Watch. All the apps mentioned here are available for free. So, no need to spend a single buck rather just click on the download button and get them on your wristwatch right now. They will definitely allow you to get the best of your Apple Watch. We have picked the best apps for you here, however, if you require any other apps, head towards the iTunes and your problem will be resolved as the app store is filled with numerous apps to help you complete your tasks smoothly.

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