The Best 5 Alternatives To Google Chrome Browser in 2018

The Best 5 Alternatives To Google Chrome Browser in 2018

It’s no doubt that at the moment, the most popular web browser used on Windows PCs and even on Android platforms is Google Chrome. It’s a fast browser and comes with great features. However, it can also face some competition, depending on what users are actually looking for.

When it comes to resource consumption, Chrome will make users of old or low-end spec-ed PCs struggle.

No matter your reasons, if you’re looking for a different browser, we made an alphabetically ordered list of 5 browsers and why they are the best alternative to Google Chrome.

  1. Opera

Why does Opera have only 1% of browsers market is a mystery. It comes with a quick launch, a nice interface, it doesn’t consume much resources and offers more than what Google Chrome does.

It has Opera Turbo that will compress the internet traffic in your browser, consuming less bandwidth than other browsers. It has an Ad-Blocker integrated to block ads and also has a power saver mode to save some battery for the laptops.

What it doesn’t have as much as its rivals is a wide range of extensions. But the important ones are there to help you out while browsing the internet. Any other extension that isn’t available can be installed from chrome’s repertoire. The latest Opera Browser version also has a Free Built-in VPN service.

  1. Microsoft Edge

Internet Explorer was still around while Edge got launched and got replaced by it in Windows 10. Although still in development, Edge could dethrone Chrome any minute. Edge is similar to IE, but has a new cool design, with slim borders, less icons and a streamlined toolbar. It also has support for Cortana, added by Microsoft.

Microsoft Edge only offers support on Windows 10 and will not work on other devices that have a different OS or older Windows OS.

Edge has an extension market that is small but it has been getting more content as time passed.

  1. Microsoft Internet Explorer

So much time has passed since IE has dominated its competitors. It lost a lot of ground when it couldn’t keep up with the speed and compatibility offered by its rivals.

But now, IE 11 will make this browser great again because it’s faster, cleaner, has more power and will not eat all the CPU resources like Chrome or Firefox does. Not only it doesn’t consume as much RAM as Chrome or Firefox, but it has also defeated them in the Webkit Sunspider test.

It’s however less customizable, as it hasn’t many extensions, but that’s not a reason why we should avoid this browser.

  1. Mozilla Firefox – Firefox Quantum

When you think of an alternative to Google Chrome you immediately think of Mozilla Firefox. It’s almost the same as Chrome in terms of performance and customization. It’s light and friendly when it comes to resource consumption.

Firefox has focused on keeping your privacy by encrypting personal information and has a lot of privacy options that you can customize.

The marketplace for extensions offers tons of content for the browser too. If you want a better version of Mozilla, you can try Firefox Quantum, which has more interesting features. Many users have realized that it’s better than Chrome and switched to it already. So, it’s worth trying it out.

  1. Tor Browser

If you’re into browsing the dark corners of the Wide Web, or the Dark Web, go with Tor browser. Tor will route your traffic through random notes and this is making it the best browser that will keep your privacy only for you. It tracks nothing and stores nothing, so rest assured if you were thinking of cookies or bookmarks.

There are other two browsers that you can try: Maxthon Browser and Vivaldi Browser, both offering interesting and different features that are worth trying. It’s true that Chrome is awesome, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t try these other browsers and see which one offers the features you need.



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