Battery Malfunction Lawsuits Now Extending to More Samsung Galaxy Devices

Even if you don’t own a Samsung device yourself, you might remember the disaster that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was, and the international pandemonium it caused due to malfunctions in various devices. We all knew that Samsung devices were prone to overheating, and that their batteries weren’t the greatest in the world. But last fall, this all escalated quickly with 5 billion dollars of losses due to lawsuits brought forth by various users who experienced the worst possible case scenario with their Note 7 devices, such as fires and explosions.

Lawsuits Spread to Galaxy Note 5, S6 and S7

A new lawsuit was filed this month by one Dale Holzworth, whose Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge caught fire in his son’s bedroom while it was set to charge. The fire extended to the entire room, and molten metal bits even poked holes through the carpet. The entire situation sounds like hell, and it truly was. And now, more and more charges are starting to emerge, proving that the Galaxy Note 7 wasn’t the only faulty device.

The problem seems to be that Samsung ignored warnings of the risks posed by their thermal spreading system, which was flawed and resulted in severe battery overheating. And now, they are paying the price for their laziness, at the cost of their reputation and their customers’ satisfaction and personal assets even. It’s a pity to see such a big company like Samsung behave in such a reckless manner, refusing to call back devices and solve the problem effectively.

However, the recent lawsuits will maybe serve as an incentive to take further serious action in this matter. We’ll have to wait and see how this whole situation evolves, and we hope it’s going to be solved soon in an effective manner.

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