BassAware Transforms Your House Into A Club!

If you live in an apartment and you are passionate about music, this is not exactly the happiest option. Neighbors are not likely very excited when you listen to your favorite tunes, especially if the bass is at maximum. To solve this problem, you now have at your disposal BassAware!

BassAware is a new portable audio device that uses vibrations, transforming the musical experience in something unique. The belt has been specifically designed to not disturb those around you with the music you are listening to. It can connect to the phone, tablet, laptop, music player or game console.

Also, BassAware can be connected to the audio system from your house, through Boost Mic Mode technology. Thus, you can transform your house into a real dance club. Of course, this idea is recommended only to those who have no close neighbors!


The device uses a tactile transducer positioned in the rear. It is intended to create more vibrations than sounds. This sensation “travels” through your body to the inner ear, and is then transformed into a wave. The result is a captivating experience, through which you can see and hear and feel at the same time.

The belt which must be attached to your body resembles a small backpack. It is adjustable and comfortable to suit everyone. It’s unisex, so can be worn by both women and men. It is also fitted with two pockets large enough, that you can keep your phone, music player, or your wallet.

You should not worry about the battery because it has an autonomy of up to 20 hours if completely charged.

This equipment is very suitable for a DJ, to feel exactly what the crowd feels when he mixes. Many clubs have anti-noise cabins for DJs and they cannot hear precisely the magnitude and intensity of sounds. Also, BassAware can also be used in the video game industry, in the production of films or even when watching a movie with special effects.

The equipment is still in the process of financing. However, the product will be released in may 2016 priced at about $349.

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