How To Avoid Fake iPhone Jailbreaks

How To Avoid Fake iPhone Jailbreaks

It should be so disappointing to know that you have become the latest victim of an online scam. Most of the time, these scammers have a scheme that you thought was so real, you wouldn’t notice it at first. One of these malicious activities involves the release of fake iPhone jailbreaks. In order to avoid this from happening, here are things that would help you spot and avoid these perpetrators.

Not Coming From Recognized Developer

It is important to know the legit developers involved in creating reliable jailbreaks. If someone claims that he or she has developed a jailbreak tool, despite the lack of authority, then you are in for trouble. So, if you don’t know the name, just stay out of it.

Payment For Successful Jailbreak

Newbies might fall victim to certain scams such as paying money for the release of jailbreak software. However, reputable jailbreak software should be free of charge, as those who are already in the jailbreak community knew about this trend since iOS 6.

Money Back Guarantee

Scammers would make you believe that they are offering program guaranteed to work on your iPhone. Thus, they would put a logo claiming they would return everything that you have paid if you are not satisfied with it. However, this claim is invalid and doesn’t support anything if it fails.

Jailbreak Bundled With Unlocking Services

You might come across an unlocking tool combined with a fake jailbreak. This would entail a bad result for your device. If you are really looking for an unlocking tool, try to look for reputable and reliable services, but wait for a proper jailbreak tool without spending money on it.

Jailbreak Ad That Is Too Good To Be True

Fake jailbreaks have this common ploy up their sleeves. At some point, they would release regular stories about jailbreaking on local news sites, which would look like reviews. Most of the time, they would come out as top results on Google. One of two ads would indicate a very positive review by using just one jailbreak tool for all versions, which is actually unbelievable.



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