Avira Free Antivirus Review – Is ‘Free’ Worth It?

People don’t like to spend a lot of money on things like an antivirus program, mainly because that would mean that they needed to get a virus infection in order to get their money’s worth. That’s a grim outlook on the situation, but the truth is that today’s cyber threats demand a proper antivirus solution to be installed on your device. With that in main, we look at Avira Free Antivirus. As the name suggests, it’s a product offered by Avira, and it’s free.

Getting Avira Free Antivirus

Getting the software is easy. All you have to do is visit their website and use the download link. In a matter of moments you’ll be on your way to installing the software. After you’ve completed the installation however, you’ll inevitably ask yourself whether or not “free” is really worth it/

Many are wondering what exactly goes into the “free” version, because most people have experiences with other free or freemium products which didn’t offer that much. To get a better idea of what this software offers, we’ll take a closer at what can be found inside.

The antivirus

When it comes to the antivirus’ performance, free users are in luck because the free version actually uses the same proprietary tech that Avira is offering to paid customers.  That is, of course, up to a certain point. When it comes to the basics however, a free user will benefit from the same Avira database which collects and stores information on all known threats.

The free version also comes with an email scanning feature, which takes a close look not just at emails themselves, but also at attachments as they are downloaded into your local storage.

Recent tests have found Avira’s antivirus service to be near flawless, as it is able to pick up all known threats. Its zero day threat detection is also astounding, with very high ratings given out to Avira for its work.

Range of features

While Avira’s basic antivirus functions are up to the mark in terms of performance and reliability, that’s all you really get, for the most part, the standard features of an antivirus.  This where the “free” part comes back and reminds users that in order to get more out of Avira’s software, they need to pay.

The point of the free version is to try and get people to upgrade to the paid version, once they see just how good the free version is.

Justifying the Pro version

Avira offers a lot of additional protection features, ranging across multiple computing areas like gaming, VPN, password protection, and more. However, these are all locked behind a price tag. Users can spend even up $70 per month on these additional features, but also on upgraded and improved versions of some of the features available in the basic, free offering.


It’s fair to say that an antivirus’ features should match a user’s activity, so while the paid version might offer you a lot more, there’s a strong chance for you to not have a need for it. Depending on how much time you spend online, or what kind of activities can be found on your regular schedule, the free version might just be enough to keep you safe. As far as the services it offers goes, they are top notch.

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