Avast vs. Bitdefender – Which is the Best Free Antivirus?

Avast vs. Bitdefender – Which is the Best Free Antivirus?

Lately there have been a lot of cyber-crimes which should definitely be countered with using a good antimalware. But a good antivirus comes with a subscription and you must pay for the service. Since many people don’t want to buy such a service, there are a few options of free software but not all are good.

So what are the best two free antivirus software? We’ve gathered and compared Avast and Bitdefender to see which is the best out of the top free antimalware programs.

A Closer Look on Avast

This software has a high rating on the list of antivirus programs. It has a free 2017 version and a lot of features.

Avast is effective against malware, against PUPs (Potentially unwanted Programs) and detects and shuts down every Malware you get. It’s effective against phishing attacks and works on IE, Firefox and Chrome, showing you which site is unsafe by adding a semi-transparent logo on it and telling you that it’s not safe.

Avast has Impressive Free Features

You have wifi scanner, password scanners, and password manager. It can help you create strong passwords and access them through the program, automatically filling them in. It checks your wifi and sees if the network is secure on all your devices. It can block unwanted trackers, flag unsafe sites and more.

What about Bitdefender?

Bitdefender is a top virus protection software. It lacks many of Avast features but it’s a bit stronger. It’s very good in fighting phishing risks, protects users from website scams and fraud. It’s a slim version of protection which it does its job very well, effectively protecting users from viruses.

Which is the Best Antivirus? Avast or Bitdefender?

It comes down to what you expect from an antivirus. Avast has a lot of features and some users might like them, while some might think it’s a little too bloated. Bitdefender is a simple and gread antivirus program, equal as Avast in protecting you from malware, having an edge against phishing scams.

If we were to choose a victor, Bitdefender should rise on top due to its simple, bloat-free and excellent protection.

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