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AT&T Is Offering NFL Sunday Ticket

In the fast week of June, in an analyst meeting, AT&T was discussing their acquisition of DirecTV and they brought up the subject of NFL Sunday ticket. According to the Wall Street Journal Sources, AT&T is offering NFL Sunday ticket as it can market to its customers. They even offered streaming NFL games will not be counted as data caps.

AT&T Is Offering NFL Sunday Ticket
AT&T Is Offering NFL Sunday Ticket

If you have not heard about the NFL Sunday ticket service, it is an offering from DirecTV that streams NFL games live to the customers who subscribe. It’s a very popular service and has 20 million subscribers currently. The real fact is that AT&T is trying to gain customers, and this is why AT&T is offering NFL Sunday ticket. So any attempt to get the licensing for the mobile version to be in AT&T’s favor is not unexpected or surprising.

Things do not end here. DirecTV’s privileges only cover streaming to pay satellite consumers, and compromises may fall flat. If this is the case, then the deal with DirecTV may get the axe, as per AT&T’s 8-K filing. To get more information on this, you can search on the Internet and get the connection.

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