At $229, Google Nest Hub Max is an Essential All-in-One Security Device for Your Home

Google announced very few products at the I/O developers’ conference including the new Pixel 3a smartphones and the Nest Hub Max. The company is changing its naming scheme and the newest product in their line-up is a mix of a Nest camera coupled with a Home Max and Home Hub.

When everything is being offered on the same device including a large 10-inch tablet like display, you can easily monitor your home, change settings directly on the device and also be able to view a live feed of your home on a smartphone. The price tag which is slightly more than $200 may sound expensive to some but at the end of the day, smart homes are bound to become the norm in the near future.

Based on the size of your home, you can possibly secure the entire premises with 2-3 Nest Hub Max from Google and be able to keep a close watch on your children and pets while ensuring no strangers just walk into your home. It sounds like a futuristic yet productive device that most homeowners would love to use. The selling point will most probably be its ability to be used directly on the large display and the additional Google features embedded in it.

For example, it makes use of facial recognition to identify members of the family and provide customized content. If you have your calendar appointments synced on an Android phone, the hub will showcase the same in case there is an appointment coming up in the near future. The Face Match is a private feature, confirmed Google, as privacy was one of the big claims made during the event.

They are not going to send any of your home data to the cloud and everything is done locally. The same goes for Google Search and Google Maps when you choose the incognito mode which is another feature the company announced during the conference. While there are some controversies with regards to Alexa and how it stores content in Amazon servers, Google is going all-out with the privacy claims that might interest most users.

The Google Nest Hub Max can be used to make video calls, give voice commands to Google Assistant and also communicate with smart devices in the home including lights and thermostats. It is shipping to stores later this summer. Adoption rate depends on how people perceive the product and the privacy policies as they are more of a concern than the actual product these days.

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