Asus 5G Concept Design Leaks Remind of Nokia Phones with Dual Sliders

Smartphone manufacturers are really committed to removing the notch or pushing it out of sight by using sliders. The Asus 5G concept renders showcase something really interesting even though they were originally done long back with the Nokia N95 smartphones.

When you slide the phone’s display up, you will get the keypads on the bottom whereas sliding the display down will reveal the speakers. A similar approach is now being implemented by Asus, the company that is known for innovating in the PC market. They have been making lots of new phones but they are yet to get that one model that would impress the crowd and sell like hotcakes.

Evan Blass Leaks the Design

Evan Blass is a popular Twitter personality who is known for his authentic leaks and when he reveals the display of the Asus 5G smartphone with sliders, it is obvious that he wouldn’t miss the mark. The designers have managed to get a near-bezel-less design because there is no front camera on the display at all.

It is a notch ahead of what Samsung achieved with their punch hole camera. Except for the curved corners and the thin lip that runs along the display, there is nothing but the display on this beautiful smartphone from Asus. There are two different models listed by the leaker.

One of them, when you slide the display down, reveals dual front-facing cameras. They are appropriately supported by dual LED lights and it looks they wanted to make use of every inch of space available. While it still remains a question of whether users really need two bright LED lights in the front, it is great to see they didn’t let go of the space gained by using a slider design.

Two Different Models in Production?

In the other design photo, it looks like a lot of people love dual loudspeakers and this particular model from Asus is equipped with Harman Kardon speakers. They should be capable of providing high volumes and the lack of fingerprint sensor on the back confirms that it is most probably embedded within the display.

There are more leaked photographs in which you find an additional, thin line of display like the new MacBooks from Apple. The small display provides access to additional features on an app and acts as a secondary display. The top area still has the cameras but they are individually separated with dedicated LEDs to each one of the front cameras.

It is to be seen which particular model Asus approves for its 5G phones and there is also a chance that both of them could make their way to stores as two individual models. Either way, the picture collage Evan Blass posted of the phones in action looks very promising and it adds fuel to the rumor that Asus has indeed planned for two models catering to specific user requirements.

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