Astral Chain: Release Date, News and Trailers

Astral Chain: Release Date, News and Trailers

When the Nintendo Direct took place a couple of months ago, in February, every gamer was pleasantly surprised that the developer Platinum Games actually had another IP in development for the Nintendo Switch console. Originally, they were working on Bayonetta 3, one of the most beloved franchises and exclusive for the console but they also confirmed a new title named Astral Chain which is supposed to hit the platform before the end of this year.

While the team didn’t reveal too much information about the game, they did showcase a release trailer and also confirmed a release date which will be at the end of 2019. For those who can’t really wait to know more about this title, here is a sneak peek of the news released or leaked so far, the trailer and the release date as confirmed by the team.

Astral Chain – The Basics You Need to Know About the Title

Astral Chain is a typical Nintendo Switch title which has Japanese anime-inspired artwork and gaming style. If you have already played titles like Devil May Cry, Bayonetta or Nier: Automata, Platinum Games have a very strong history of making some of the best games in history and they are also the people behind the last two titles mentioned above.

They developed Star Fox Zero which is one of the most beloved exclusives on the Nintendo platform. It is no wonder the expectation levels are sky-high before the release of this new game because of the developers behind it. The trailer gives a vague idea of what to expect. It includes two characters, a male and a female who looked like futuristic cops fighting against hordes of enemies and it also looked like a city which is filled with more ruins. The story could possibly take place on Earth or a fantasy land where law and order are being implemented by a small group of fighters, survivors using modern weapons.

While the basic premise is all about aliens invading planet Earth, it looks like a lot of interesting elements including mystical powers and creatures are introduced into the mainstream gameplay. It allows gamers to feel immersed in the storyline and also enjoy unlocking lots of new things that keep them going. The advantage of being able to do all of it on the go with their beloved Nintendo Switch makes it one of the best experience that you could get from a fantasy sci-fi, action title.

Astral Chain

Futuristic Weapon, Co-op AI and Insane Battles

The story revolves around the two main characters. Even though the overall storyline is co-op, it doesn’t allow two players to participate in the storyline. Instead, you choose to play either as the guy or the girl and once the choice is made, the other character will be controlled by the game’s AI. You will have support throughout the game as you shoot down tons of enemies, power up your weapons and also try to take hold of the mysterious weapon Legion which is supposed to give you supernatural powers to kill dozens of enemies with a single blow.

There is no word on whether the developers are keeping it a surprise element allowing another Nintendo Switch player to join the battle and if they do so, it would make it one of the best co-op action titles that you could experience.

Possible Storyline of Astral Chain

Similar to many sci-fi games and movies, the storyline follows a massive attack from a different realm or galaxy because a portal is opened. Swarms of aliens and super aliens start pouring in, forcing the heroes to start killing them before they could wipe out the human race. Such fights are pretty common in the game world but it is the premise and the weapons that often make it interesting.

While the storyline will most probably be about destroying the mother ship as well as the aliens, it is also up to the heroes to make sure the portal is closed. Legion can fight on its own which makes the fight very interesting. You can use him to go against large groups of aliens. Similarly, your co-op partner will come in handy and take down large groups of aliens.

Legion is the Super Power

Based on the trailer and the information that is available so far, Legion seems to be a person on its own and also a weapon. He has powers using which he can wipe enemies and also has mind powers using which he can help in the investigation. While the game is majorly about hack and slash fights against enemies, it has some investigation and RPG aspect to it too.

The game developers didn’t reveal too much about the gameplay, but we do guess that it will allow you to power up your weapons as you unlock more of them. Killing more enemies will help you gain orbs or something similar using which you can make your weapons more powerful. The number of levels and the enemies you have to kill to progress in the story will be much higher.

An advantage is provided by your co-op partner who will travel with you throughout the story. He or she, whoever it is, based on your choice, will be fighting alongside you. Legion will also play an important role because he has access to a bunch of powers that makes winning tough rounds much easier. Another advantage of having Legion is that the powers can be used to wipe clean while you just rest and wait for things to turn in your favor. It is a strategic decision to be made at the right time because improper usage of Legion powers will put you in a situation where you couldn’t get out easily when confronted by a large number of enemies.

Astral Chain Legion

Legion also seems to have a thing for exploration and revealing more of the storyline. There is a story that reveals the ancient history of how the power originated on Earth and those who are allowed to use it. All these are based on some of the leaks so far as well as the cutscenes found in the game trailer. It is not only about hacking and slashing your way through enemies, but also to explore the hidden powers that drive the aliens from their own planet to Earth. Once you have a better idea of their origin, it might be easier to take them down. It is also the key to find the solution to open and close the portal at will so that it doesn’t lead to any more alien races dropping in.

Open-World Action Game?

A lot of gamers believe that Astral Chain will be open world and you will be able to make the most out of it when you are on the go. Nintendo Switch became so successful because it provided players with the freedom to play AAA titles on the go without being tied to a console or large television. Hack and slash games are amazing when you have an open world to explore, killing every last enemy you spot. Tag teaming with your partner as well as the powers of Legion simply makes it all the better.

The game trailer is the only big clue we have so far to deduce more about the title and what kind of gameplay the team wants to offer. Considering the amazing track record PlatinumGames have, it wouldn’t be surprising if this title is amazingly good and become yet another must-have exclusive on the Nintendo Switch platform.

Players always love open-world adventures because you have complete control over how the story is completed. Besides, enemies will spawn from all corners and it is up to the player to keep fighting as well as complete the objectives in a way you find it comfortable. While there is no actual co-op that allows a second player to join the fight, it does help that a superhero Legion and your co-op partner is on your side to help take down large masses of aliens using best strategy, weapons and make use of the environment as well.

Release Date Confirmed

It still remains a mystery as to why the developer PlatinumGames would launch a game trailer and announce a release date, but wouldn’t reveal more about the actual game or its content. They have made Bayonetta which continues to be the best selling series and the best game that you could play with a touch of a great story to it. The number of games and the types of the world they have explored in the past stand proof of what they are capable of delivering with their new IP Astral Chain.

The title Astral Chain which will be an exclusive launch on the Nintendo Switch console will get released on 30th August 2019.

With a couple of months to go before the official launch date, we expect more details to roll out as weeks progress with regards to the battle system, enemy, power-ups and the storyline that is supposed to keep players hooked for hours to come.



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