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Are Tablets Dead?

Are Tablets Dead? 1

During Mobile World Congress, we have noticed there has been a major change in the electronic market. To be more specific, there were no tablets – anywhere. This makes us wonder, are tablets dead?

With the exception of Lenovo, none of the other major manufacturers came up with new tablets models. Finding an Android tablet was very difficult and Apple is not being taken into account here since it has its own conference on March 15, therefore, it wasn’t present at the event.

The sudden disappearance of tablets at the Mobile World Congress is similar to that of 3D TVs at CES, where they have been replaced with 4k TVs. In a similar vein, the tablets were replaced with Windows laptops, similar to Surface 10 Pro, which can take the role of a Tablet, but has extended functionality.

The reasons why this extinction has occurred seems to be a consequence of the public losing its interest in the technology. Since tablets are so cheap that you barely lift a profit from them, and all those interested in them have already bought one, has also caused the manufacturers to have no reasons to launch new devices.

Those who still want a device that looks more like a tablet than a laptop, seem to move to the Phablet segment, where most of the high-end phones have diagonal screens that are quite close to 7 inches.

So, are tablets dead for now? Will they be able to return to the center of attention? Or will they disappear as people rumored the PC will do because of them? This will only depend on what innovations will be made in this area in the future.

And since Apple, the company that popularized the tablet concept for the masses, nowadays is only copying Microsoft, we are not quite sure where the innovation will come from.

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