Apple’s Wireless Charging Port AirPower to be launched in the Second Half of 2019

Apple’s Wireless Charging Port AirPower to be launched in the Second Half of 2019

Though much delayed, AirPower, the product Apple has designed for wireless charging of its different devices, may finally see the light of day later this year. At least this is the indication being given by the suppliers of components for the charging pad. It was way back in 2017 that the company had shared the details of this wireless charging technology that it has developed and the delivery date mentioned then was sometime in 2018. Reports suggest there were some technical issues that arose during production and there were no updates on what was happening about this product. It is only now that the subject has resurfaced, and hopefully, these rumors turn out to be true and Apple will put out the product for the users to buy.

Apple Designed the Mat

Air Power is the name given by Apple to its in-house designed wireless charger. The product itself is in the form of a mat that can be laid on the table top and the Apple device placed on it for the charging to be done. As the image suggests, more than one device can be charged, like the iPhone and the Apple Watch. It must, however, be noted that only models iPhone 8 and later releases and Apple Watch Series 3 and later can be charged with AirPower. The previous models to these won’t support the wireless charging mode and Apple doesn’t intend updating them either.

Apple wireless charger Airpower

Technical Issues Reported

There’s not too much information forthcoming on the reasons for this inordinate delay in the release of this technology and the AirPower mat by Apple. Some reports have sporadically come out according to which the company faced issues like over-heating of the pad while being tested. Some say there were interference issues, whatever that may mean. Apple has not issued any clarification on the delay either.

Overall, the latest report is that the company has fixed the technical glitches and that production has started/resumed. The best guess is that AirPower may be announced and reach the stores within the first quarter of 2019 itself.

And when that happens, we will definitely inform you about it.



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