Apple’s watchOS 6.1 Released; Will be Available for Series 1 and 2 Watches as well as AirPods Pro

Apple has released the latest operating system for its smartwatches, the watchOS 6.1 just after it had sent out the updates for the iPads and iPhones. The key point worth noting here is that the watchOS 6.1 can be downloaded and used by the Series 1 and 2 Apple watches as well. The only catch here is that the connected iPhone has to be running on the iOS 13. Older devices that don’t get the iOS 13 operating system for whatever reason have to continue operating with watchOS 5. Apple watchOS 6 was released only a month back.

Follow the Instructions for Download

The watchOS 6.1 update can be downloaded to your iPhone or iPad via the Apple Watch app on it. Apple instructs that the Apple Watch should remain close to the connected iPhone and placed on its charger. It should have at least 50% battery power remaining before you do the manual installation. Follow the usual process of going to General>>Software update and install the update.

Apple Watch Series 6

Not Much Changes in the OS

Apple has not made any noticeable change in the firmware. The most important revision is that the watchOS 6.1 update is now available for the new AirPods Pro and the older Series 1 and 2 versions of the Apple Watch. When watchOS 6 was released, the company had indicated that it will be available for Apple Watch 3 and newer models. There was also a hint that the older devices will also be included in the updates at a later date. That is happening now.

Apple has also released an update for older versions of the OS through watchOS 5.3.3. Based on the OS version operating on your basic device, you will have to download the watchOS and install it.

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