Apple’s Trust Going to be Affected by the New iPhone XS Problems

Apple declared long ago that ‘its just works’. More problems seem to pile up with the iOS 12 and the new smartphones, iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max saw that saying probably is a good thing. You might not think it now but ‘its just works’ is inspirational, especially today when you can encounter numerous software errors in basic use cases.

The software is really hard, especially now when it is evolving almost on a daily basis. This makes it natural to encounter some configurations with errors from time to time, especially when a new handset has been released to the public. Think about it, that is exactly the reason why a lot of manufacturers have invested a lot in their platforms and in developing and innovating new updates and patches which they begin to release more often.

That being said, critics will take notice especially when key parts of hardware or software begin to be affected by issues. We don’t say critics in a pejorative way, we mean that it is only natural that there are some people who don’t accept too many issues and that doesn’t come from a bad place, instead they have high expectations which often come from the company’s reputation.

After it launched the iPhone XS and XS Max and the iOS 12, Apple had (and has) to tackle a lot of issues. The one regarding the battery charging for example, despite being now addressed with the iOS 12.0.1 update, describes the device’s inability to charge when the cable is plugged in and it is in standby mode. In order to have this slip by Apple’s system can be described as curious at best.

iPhone XS Problems

It is definitely not the only flaw found with Apple’s latest releases, being just the tip of the iceberg. Besides this, the iPhone X came with display issues, the speakers were cutting out, the iMessage convo threads were merging and the audio app didn’t let you save your work consisting of edited audio.

These are but a few things going wrong compared with what ‘just works’ but they consist of those remaining percentage points of quality which divides ‘good’ and ‘best’ and in the past, Apple’s reputation was that the company could deliver and take the final step up the quality ladder which meant that you were in for some magical experiences.

At least, that was true under the leadership of Steve Jobs but slowly and surely his influence starts to become second- if not third-hand knowledge within the file and rank staff down at Apple and instead a feeling of complacency starts to increase its dominion. So far it is not clear what is going on there. There has been a reducing of staffing in the QA department, some lower standards may have started to be applied or there are simply not enough resources for the amount of testing that is being demanded.

iPhone XS Reliability

Regardless of the reasons why, what counts is that they don’t really matter to users. What is increasing in the back of their minds is that Apple’s famed reliability may be no longer there and this leaves them without something that they can count on. This is yet another reason as to become more sceptical with placing your trust in brands.

We remind you about the news that this company quietly set up a kill switch on its MacBook Pro, not allowing you to try to repair it on your own and this leaves you with spending more money as you can only go back to them to fix what broke.

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