Apple’s Surprising Cancellations Revealed By New iPhone Leaks

It is time to get excited because Apple promises to come up with a new cutting-edge budget iPhone model. New rumors state that Apple’s upgrades will cam with two essential casualties.


Via Barron’s, BlueFin Research Partners made a report in which they affirmed that the current iPhone SE and iPhone X would be cancelled along with the new iPhones’ launch in September.

A sharp break will be marked by the company’s strategy that plays with dropping the prices of previous generation iPhones in order to sell cheaper upgrade options to Apple lovers.

Apparently, overconfidence is what motivates Apple to take such risks.


According to the same source, Apple has in plan to build 91 million unit of iPhone X Plus and budget iPhone X because it is sure it will have the same demand as the second generation iPhone X.

This is “far larger than normal cycles,” the researchers think, but their opinion is that Apple is set to struggle to keep up with user demand. In Q4 2017 and Q1 2018 Apple sold 46M and 72M iPhones respectively, so it needs to get prepared.

BlueFin says that Apple will also upset some users with it pulling out the midrange smartphone market no matter how confident the company is.


$350 is the current price of iPhone SE, but the next „budget iPhone X” will come with almost a doubled price ($699) and will retain many of iPhone X’s features, of course with a few compromises.

For a better sense of comparison, imagine Ferrari releasing a ‘budget’ model which will still not be cheap even though it may be cheap-for-a-Ferrari.

And if your wallet is still empty from the last purchase of an iPhone, do not get upset. The next two flagship models will have more controlled prices such as $800 and $900.

Why it makes sense?

Ming-Chui Kuo reports that Apple is planning such a remarkable and breath-taking improvement of the next iPhone that the company cancels the iPhone X and any plans for the iPhone 9 and iPhone 9 Plus.

The OLED panel might be replaced for LCD as a cost-saving measure along with an aluminum chassis instead of stainless steel used in the iPhone X and a single rear camera.

What is great though is that the screen size will be increased to 6.1-inches, it will feature Face ID facial recognition and it carries the same core design as iPhone X.

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