Apple’s Repair Methods for Mac and iPhone have been Leaked

Apple’s Repair Methods for Mac and iPhone have been Leaked

If you have ever wanted to repair your Mac or iPhone by yourself, now is your chance! Videos which demonstrate how to restore your devices internally can now be found online.

YouTube has got a series of 11 clips which show how to replace the iPhone X’s battery, how to open it, replace the internal speaker camera and display, all with Apple’s logo and copyright notice featured in them. Apple does not come with any confirmation about the accuracy and legitimacy of the videos mentioned, but we get one from Motherboard sources. They said that the videos leaked are internal and their specific aim was to train the company’s future employees or support the current ones with some more help.

The collection also features videos regarding MacBook Pro Touch ID sensor, the iMac Pro, and the MacBook trackpad. However, I do not think many of the actual Apple users will use these videos to repair their devices and risk destroying them.

As a matter of fact, unsurprisingly, Apple is not too happy about this situation in which its methods of repair are shown to the whole world, including their rivals. Last year in April, many users complain about their iPhone 8’s touchscreen being disabled due to the iOS 11.3 update and that happen because those were phones repaired outside of Apple’s own authorized service providers. If you were to get your screen fixed by a third-party source until early 2017, you would have had your iPhone warranty voided.

DIY Repair

The DIY (Do it yourself) community was so effective in mirroring Apple’s methods of repair for its devices, according to Motherboard and it is just extraordinary. We would usually see iFixit and other teardown sites posting such DIY repair videos for devices, but apparently, Apple can do it too. Even though you have the most extraordinary collection of bespoke Apple tools, do not risk damaging your phone so that you do it yourself.

These videos firstly appeared on Armah Haji’s Twitter, but the post got suspended because of that, so he moved them on his YouTube channel as he was the first one to discover them.

 “When I saw these videos I downloaded them out of curiosity, and when his account got suspended, I wanted people to still see them, so I uploaded them to YouTube,” he states.

Even though Arman Haji’s YouTube channel has been taken down and so the first leaked videos, you can see the same clip posted by another YouTube user.



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