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Apple’s New iOS 13 to Adopt the System-Wide Dark Mode Like Android Q

The new thing in the smartphone industry is the dark mode and the talk of system-wide dark mode came first from Google when it was revealed that the next version of Android, the Android Q could include a system-wide dark mode. It now appears almost certain, Apple too will have the provision for an all-pervading dark mode on the iOS 13, its next OS version likely to see the light of day this September.

Dark Mode is Safer for the Eyes

The reason the phone makers have turned their focus towards this theme is customer-centered. The assumption is that bright light emitted from the display screens of smartphones, particularly when they are used in dark environments can cause harm to the human eyes over long periods of such viewing. It is explained that by simply darkening the screen, it won’t offer the same reduction in the pixel density. The other significant factor to be understood is that the dark mode or theme has to be built from scratch and only then it can deliver the desired results as far as the benefit to the eyes is concerned. This will mean every app you use will have to be in sync with the dark mode. Much of these were explained when the news on the system-wide dark mode in Android Q was discussed.

iPhone XI render Dark MOde

The OLED Display Connection

Another point that is very relevant to this entire discussion around the dark mode on smartphones is linked to the OLED display. Again, technology is invoked to explain that the traditional LCD displays don’t work well with the dark mode but only the OLED panels do. This means the real benefit from introducing the device-wide dark theme by both Google and Apple may help only those smartphones that come with the OLED displays. Apple at least has made it clear that it is trying to move towards OLED for all its models, whether top-end or the budget segment. Now, how many Android phone makers are able to do this will be the next important question.

The general observation coming through is that the fact that two major corporate entities that virtually control 100% of the smartphone operating system firmware have thought it fit to care about their customers’ health and are trying to protect their eyes through innovative technology in their operating systems is praiseworthy.

Along with protecting the eyes, the dark mode can save on battery usage too by drawing less power. The new versions of OS from both the companies will be eagerly awaited on this score.

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