Apple’s Latest iPhone X Ad Eases Password worries with Face ID

A new commercial highlighting the usefulness of Face ID on the iPhone X was posted by Apple on its Youtube channel to help its users stop worrying about forgetting passwords for online services.


The ad is called “Memory” and it debuts with large theater applauding two people on a stage, in a surreal public memory challenge. The host asks “This morning you created an online banking password. What is it?” as the participant’s final challenge.

The contestant starts talking to himself, trying to remember what he had set after the audience’s gasps. The audience starts jeering at the man, intensifying the stressful situation along with the time running out.

Out of nowhere, the contestant pulls out an iPhone X showing an authentication screen with the password box empty. What allowed him to entry was the Face ID filling the password box. After being able to log in, a facial expression of release appears on his face. Then, the scene shows that the person was actually sitting inside a coffee shop, still holding his iPhone X. He being unable to remember his password felt like a life competition. The opportunity to use your face as a password is not only cool but efficient especially for users that struggle with memory or cannot use their voices.

While the man waves his iPhone in celebration to the “memory challenge” audience, the video states that “ Your face is your password” and it reveals the ad was about Face ID on iPhone X. The plot twist was truly surprising to the viewers but they would have expected a memorable ad anyways.

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Apple has produced a number of such commercial to promote Face ID and its functionality, “Memory” is one of them. Another commercial was posted in March, “Unlock”, featuring a high school student unlocking various apps by looking at them, after using Face ID to unlock her iPhone. The point is clearly made that it is cool to unlock something with your face – in this case, the phone.

A man using Face ID with Apple Pay to buy items while walking through a market was the subject of another March’s advertisement. Also, a list of shorter vids was shown to the public in April, showing how Face ID’s biometric authentication can be used to quickly pay for goods and services.

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